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In the Beginning...

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Last night as I sat before a blank screen to create a radio show for this evening, I asked my angels and guides, what are we talking about this week?  I kept hearing "in the beginning" circling in my head.  So I wrote it down.  

The explanation came to me as my mind wrapped around those words, "in the beginning".  Those are the first words in the bible in Genesis where the traditional Christian creation story begins.  I thought about science and where that creation story begins.  We're still trying to conclude how everything that is came into being, but according to most in the scientific community, it began with the big bang - a single point expanding into all matter.

As I prepared the show, the idea came in that it really doesn't matter, does it?  When we started or where we came from, the most important thing is that we are here and we are NOW.  The guides gave me this as a starting point for the conversation to say that any "going back" is really just a distraction from the Now moment, which is all there is.  

So this morning I sat down to do my morning rituals.  A cup of tea, a seat on my meditation cushion, a ringing of my singing bowl, then whatever comes to me, whether it is to meditate or read or pick a few oracle cards - this is my morning ritual.  I picked up my Daily Word booklet which is a wonderful little publication from the people at Unity school.  I've been getting it daily for over 20 years.  Today's word is Perspective.  As I read the message, I was intrigued by the bible quote which is always at the bottom of each message.  This one was from Colossians 1:16 and it said simply, "For in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible."  The word "invisible" caught my attention and I wanted to read the whole passage so I pulled out my bible and turned to the section.  

This is from a letter that St. Paul, one of Jesus' apostles, wrote to the people of Colossae.  Here's what it said:

"He is the image of the unseen God

The first-born of all creation, for in him were created all things in heaven and on earth, everything visible and everything invisible,

thrones, ruling forces, sovereignties, powers - all things were created through him and for him.  

He exists before all things and in him all things hold together, and he is the Head of the Body, that is, the Church.

He is the Begining, the first-born from the dead, so that he should be supreme in every way; because God wanted all fullness to be found in him and through him to reconcile all things to him, everything in heaven and everything on earth, by making peace through his death on the cross."

How interesting that the simple fragment "in the beginning" should come to me to be followed by a message of Perspective with a further link to creation of all things visible and invisible striking me as interesting enough to pull out the bible and read these words:  "He is the beginning"

From my Perspective, I see this as confirmation that once we arrive at an understanding and acceptance of our true divine nature, then we are the God of our Universe, the Head of our Church or Body and that we are "first-born" from the dead (Awakened) to the truth of our being and all things are then reconciled through that awareness.  All suffering leads through this portal - a death of sorts -into awakening into our true divine nature and then once that happens, nothing is the same again.  Every day is the beginning, every moment is the beginning.  What a fresh perspective for this day!

Oh God, when you made me, what in the hell were you thinking?

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This came tumbling out of me at 4:30 this morning.  I'm embracing my personality as it strengthens to serve my soul purpose, so no excuses for this.  


I’m a handful. I always have been. I love myself and who I am so I can say these things about myself. Working as I do to always please people and gain approval, I have developed many skills and abilities. And so I wander the earth helping people, seeking out the odd ones so that I can reassure myself that I’m not the weirdest person alive today. They help balance me. Yeah, I’m a handful, for sure. Just ask my sister Helen. Or my mother. Of course they love me, who doesn’t? Everyone loves me! I’m a lovable person. Mostly I think because I love people. It’s true. I do love people. I get tired of them sometimes and want to run away to a distant part of the planet to start all over again sometimes, but I love people.

I’ve learned that you can’t always be right and even when you are right, it doesn’t matter anyway. Who cares? Everyone is seeing things through their own filters, through their own prisms or goggles. It so doesn’t matter who’s right. There is no Right! There’s only what is and how each of us interprets that. And we are creators, that’s the crazy part of this whole thing! How nuts is it to give us all these various perspectives, different goggles, then expect us to get along down here? We’re each creating stuff and it affects everyone else. What I create affects you and what you create affects me, maybe not immediately or obviously, but in the great matrix, we’re all affecting the fabric and flow of life on planet Earth. What I wonder is why? Why go through all this? And if I’m only here for a blip in the span of eternity, what difference does it make what I end up doing with my time here? We come back again, I’m pretty sure of that, so we get round after round to play, just like a video game, except I’m not sure if we ever run out of lives to play the game.

There’s teachers who come along and give us great insights into this game to help us along our journey. Journey: there’s another great word to describe living on planet Earth for a blip in eternity. Is it really a journey? Where the hell are we going? We’re not going anywhere. Let me tell you, it’s a day, it’s a moment, it’s a breath. That’s all! So we should hurry up and get on with living because this is happening at this moment, life is. If you have to sit your ass down and make a phone call, just do it already. If you want to complain, go ahead, but it doesn’t help anything at all, it just becomes a mantra that imprints in the universal grid and delivers more of what you’re complaining about directly to your door with more accuracy and timeliness than UPS! Go ahead and cower inside afraid to express yourself. It’s okay. You’re just going to develop a stupid ulcer or something and at what price? Because you don’t’ want to hurt anyone’s feelings or be perceived as a bad person? What’s bad is not expressing yourself. It’s the same as if you just decided one day you’re not going to poop any more. Wouldn’t that be awful. Ask someone who’s constipated how that feels.

What was God thinking when he made me? He wasn’t thinking at all. Whatever reason I’m here, doesn’t matter at all. I just wanted to say that maybe, just maybe, it’s much more simple than all that. Maybe you just live life as best you can till it’s over and you don’t have to do anything to purposefully change the world because it’s changed anyway just because you are here thinking and creating, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. To hope that someday all human beings will be consciously aware of their ability to create through thought and action, and that through this process we’ll be able to co-create heaven on earth is absurd. You have to create the heaven for yourself now and then everything that comes into that heaven you created will be altered by your Light, your presence and energy. You can create somewhat of a force field that is You and when other energies come into contact, they will either bounce off and spin away from you or they will like it and merge with it and become a little Lighter, too.

This is how life is. It is like a great game that we all play and the rules are very simple indeed. Love, Live, Allow and pace yourself. You have an unlimited number of lives. Take time. Relax. Be peaceful. Don’t worry about what God had in mind when He created you, if you believe in God at all. And no, it’s not a “sin” to not believe in God. There is an animating force that is present at an atomic level that causes matter and energy to create Life. This force is all that Is. And it is each of us. That’s what’s got you in its orbit, in its force field. And it’s pure and wonderful and trusting and kind, lovable and sweet, amazing and magical, predictable and dependable, surprising and uncanny. It is utterly responsive to your thought, intention and belief. The sooner we learn this the happier we’ll all be and we’ll stop this incessant need to know and understand. There’s nothing to understand or know. It’s about BEING alive, knowing how you and your thoughts, intentions and beliefs interact with this Force and adjusting thoughts, intentions and beliefs to suit your immediate desires. Life advances with each generation imagining what’s possible and building on what came before. You’re a stepping stone and a pioneer at the same time, serving multiple purposes for the sake of Creation. You don’t create one thing. You are creating everything simultaneously.



Morning Magic

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - Morning pages

i  ... I...I...- Me...Me...Me...- Work...Work...Work.  Okay, now that's out of the way, the morning can reveal to me her magic and mystery.  To stop thinking and start feeling, to give last rites to a part of me that I no longer acknowledge, this is what the morning teaches.

After sleeping, dreaming, in the hours before the sun arises, when it is dark and sleepy outside, and the house is still and quiet, this is where the magic happens.  Great thoughts come tumbling down the slope of my mind, crashing into each other, some being smashed to dust, others gaining momentum and picking up speed and mass.  All of it colliding at the bottom of the mountain, at its base, a great field of thoughts.  I wade gingerly through careful not to slip or slide or step on one that shifts under my weight and gives way, knocking me off my feet, tumbling to the ground, startled, hurt and alone.

Even though we can share these thoughts with another or try to pick up the pieces and sort them into piles of useful thoughts and garbage thoughts, ulitmately we are the only ones inside our minds to do this work.  There is no other human being who can know the true meaning of what we are feeling.  Writers can articulate and readers can try to experience it, but alas, no one knows the depths of our suffering but us.  Even our angels look on dumbfounded sometimes to see a person feeling sad or confused.  They  rush in to remind us of our true nature, the virtues we are at our core, but we don't believe them.  We doubt their validity even when we have been validated many times.  We are skeptical.

It is only in the mind that scenarios play out, for better or worse, and we are made to confront our fears by having to make choices in our outer world.  "To Do or Not To Do", that is the real question.  Being is always there in the background, a program that hums along which makes all the other apps and software capable of running.  Being is the platform, the operating system without it, we cannot function.

So where does this lead me today?  A man asked me for help - to work along side of him to clean his home.  He is lovely and kind, funny and generous, fastidious and somewhat fanatical about cleaning.  To him, cleaning is an art, a covenant between homeowner and home.  It has a sacred qualiy.  To me, it has become a necessity, a common thing that is more utilitarian than divine.  And as we walked from room to room, gazing at marble floors and mirrors that reach from floor to 16 foot high ceiling, I thought - No.  Perhaps this time I will say no.  Even though I like him (he does my eyebrows) and find him charming, even though it is too much for one person, even though he is looking for more than a crew to descend upon his home and assault it with people and equipment and products and sweat and music, even though he wants the intimacy of a one-on-one relationship, a cup of coffee and a quick eye-brow waxing with some spraying, wiping and vacuuming thrown in all for about $130 for a few hours every other Monday, I feel like I can't, won't or don't want to put myself in that role.

Moving out of the person I was into the person I am becoming is work enough.  To take that job would step me back down the ladder to rung 3.  I'm on rung 5 and it took me 5 years to get here.  Imagine what 6, 7, and 8 will feel and look like.  No...  Monday mornings are for me - to wander, to dream, to fill how I choose.  My dance card with Life is full.  No more partners, please!  Let it come to its natural conclusions, let the music move me where I want to go, let me be drawn by its melodies into the dream life I envision for myself with a healing room and a space for meetings, with chatter and song, mantra and movement, yoga and Tai Chi, love and poetry.

Seriously, where did this come from?  My morning pages never felt so good.  Maybe I'm seeing for the first time the way I feel about my life.  Maybe I'm done cleaning - in a sense, moving on from here.  Detaching.  Honoring myself.  That man needs someone.  He hopes it will be me.  It cannot be me.  My body was twitching, my face, flushing redness in my cheeks as I articulated objections, steering the thoughts away from me as a choice.  Then the money.  The number $130.  That's generous and anyone would love to do this job.  I baffle myself with my indecision.  $130 sweetened the deal - took me out of my aversion to polishing granite and dusting the piano.  I betrayed myself with the thought, "Well, $130 for a couple of hours, that's $65 per hour, that's not bad for a little physcial exercise."  I'm selling myself on "Yes", but my body and my heart say "No!  Don't give up any part of your Monday."  Keep it and use it to learn Quick Books, to solidify the business, to manage the information, customers and schedules so that one day, you can tie a neat bow on it and bequeath it, or sell it to another and it will buy my center, my home with the room to do my work with people, to do my videos and teach webinars and grow into the spiritual teacher/leader I am here to be.  

My fears keep me from that dream.  Opportunities like this one arise to force choices that define which way to go.  What am I creating?  Am I still hiding behind a cloth and a mop?  Am I still adjusting to life without the safety net?  Or am I realizing the net has been there all along and I cannot fall to my death?  The real risk is not dreaming, staying trapped.  So with power and conviction, I say No and stay focused in the direction of my dreams.  And I don't have to feel guilty about it.

Other Gods

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The very first commandment of the 10 Commandments is:

"I am the Lord thy God, thall shall have no other gods before me"

When I was a little kid growing up in our Catholic household, I understood this to mean that there is only one God and that any other god or goddess, like Zeus or Athena that I learned about in school, was not to be worshipped.  They were considered "false" gods.  As I became attuned to angels and then the angels opened up the window into the world of Spirit, Light, Energy and Vibration, I was given my own vision, my own interpretation of who I am,/we are,  what "God" is and why we are here.  I have since learned that gods and goddesses, the ones that were worshipped by the Egyptians, the ones from Celtic beliefs, the gods and goddesses from all beliefs from all corners of this world and from all time periods are representations of the One God that we reach up to when we are in need of assistance or simply filled with joy and wanting to thank someone for creating the Earth, the Universe and everything in it.

All of these deities are valid and each carries with them an energy and a power.  They are the many faces of God - and so are we!  Each one of us is a God.  We are all representations of the One God.  So as we do unto others, we are doing unto ourselves and we are doing unto The One.  All living things are representations of The One.  Animals and plants, rocks and minerals, the elements, atoms, protons, electrons, planets - all are the many faces of God.  WE are God.  And until we realize this, we will continue to see a world that values, honors and respects the wishes of the truly "false" gods:  money, power and influence.

Before I go on, let me just say that money is good.  It is not bad.  Money is like water and in our world, it sustains commerce and allows for the exchange of goods and services.  It is a representation of value.  It is not God, but some act as though it is.  When money takes precedence over human health and well-being, or over Nature's health and well-being, then money has taken the place of The One in all its forms.  It's kind of ironic that in the movie "The Ten Commandments" when Moses leads the people out of Egypt and then asks them to wait while he acends Mount Sinai to commune with God, they construct a golden calf and begin worshipping it, and today the Bull of Wall Street represents a thriving market where lots of money is being made.  In biblical times, I guess people did think that statues were the gods themselves. By why worship a golden calf?  Maybe it was a foreshadowing of the world to come.  The similarity is eerie.

Watch any documentary these days and you'll see the influence that greed or love of money has had on our health,  physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.  Our very existence on this planet is jeopardized by the worship of money by those who have power and can use it to influence decisions that affect people, animals and the planet.  Watch an episode of John Oliver's new show on HBO.  It's called Last Week Tonight and he covers various topics. Here's one on Televangelists that will have you shaking your head.  

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He does an amazing job of drawing attention to the dark underbelly of business, politics and religion.  Those who we entrust to make laws, those we look up to as a link between ourselves and God, those who we depend upon and trust for employment, products and services are the very influencers who need to be above the love of money.  There is a difference between being fiscally responsible and being a whore for money.  Prostitutes are more respectable than some money managers because at least you know what you're getting when you purchase a prostitute's services.  What you get when you buy into a mutual fund is another matter entirely.  

How much is enough?  We live in an age where politicians shop for billionaires to finance their campaigns.  So much for a representative democracy.  They represent who ever can pay them the most money and then talk about morality and getting back to American values.  I look forward to the day when the next generations will look to the countries that have become focused back on the love of People and Nature and then adopt some of those policies and practices.  We have to remember that "other gods" as mentioned in the ten commandments isn't referring to a statue of a golden calf.  The false god is right in your face.  Recognize it for what it is.  You don't need anyone to link you to God either.  The Link is YOU, no intermediaries necessary.  

No Body Knows the Trouble I've Seen

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No body knows what you've been through.  No one can relate to what it's like to be inside your head, in your body, experiencing life as YOU.  No one but you knows this, and yet, there are the very real presences around you who can energetically sense and feel what it is like to be you going through what you're going through.

Sounds nuts, doesn't it?  Well, this is what I've learned:

You get to experience life through the filter that is YOU.  Your body, your mind, personality, conditions, experiences are what make up the filter that  is You and it is also affected or rather formed by conditions, fears and experiences passed along to you from your ancestors.  These ancestors who were alive before you and whose DNA and genes you carry with you gave you more than your curly hair and brown eyes. They gave you a heavy dose of whatever it is that they carried around inside their energy bodies as well.  

The Angels say, "We work with you to clear and cleanse away residual fears, some that you created and others that you have inherited.  The layers that build up around and in you are made up of many different influences and we can tell you that there are wonderful ways to reduce the clutter and baggage of the past."   One of the ways to clean yourself of these residual energies is to practice going into a meditation and imagine that you are floating backward in time, meeting your grandparents, great grandparents and so on into the past and with each ancestor you meet, you provide them with a blessing and an attunement to Archangel Raphael's healing green light.  Let these images provide powerful relief to your ancestors who need to feel the warmth of love surrounding them.  Let them feel the freedom that comes from recognizing fears and then healing them with loving kindness and forgiveness.  Keep at it until you feel that you have cleared your entire ancestral lineage.

Together with your spiritual support team, you can clear those fears that only the one who experienced them knows and with love and practice, you can keep your own energy clean and clear so that you can pass on only the strength and love and support you have grown in this present incarnation.  Keep the momentum going forward positive and full of loving kindness.

Remember not to judge anyone in this lifetime as only they know what they are going through.  Do not make presumptions or assume that you know how someone feels.  Empathize but don't patronize the ones you love.  Give them the gift of your love and hold a sacred clear and clean space for them to experience whatever it is that Life is giving them to experience.  In the great scheme of things, you are only truly responsible for your own journey anyway.


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Complaints sometimes can be a trigger to feel inadequate, but I prefer to look at them as the best form of communication.  In a complaint, you find out what is most important to someone.  By complaining we can get some relief.  We get heard and hopefully understood.  Don't ever take a complaint personally.  They are not directing their concerns at you, but at the situation or result.  

When we hear of a complaint, we address it head on and do our best to answer it, correct it and move forward with greater understanding.  It's a blessing to have the kind of relationship where this kind of communication is possible.  Without compliants we can't truly serve our customers because if they are unhappy, we will not know and they will silently pull away from us.

There is give and take also.  Setting expectations and living up to them is the foundation of trust.  When a customer's expectations are not clear at first, it can lead to complaints.  And sometimes their expectations are unrealistic or unachievable.  It is up to us to recognize that and explain or educate them as to what is possible.  And then sometimes, there is just a basic disconnect, personalities that clash.  It is best to end those relationships and chalk it up to experience.

Our lives are filled with relationships and interactions.  Sometimes we are the customer.  Think about the times you have experienced a service or product that was less than you expected.  Did you complain?  Did you get satisfaction?  Did you not complain, but just try a different servcie?  The best thing we can do for any business whether it's selling a product or a service is to provide feedback.  Because if they truly care and want to stay in business, they will learn from your dissatisfaction and they will overtime improve continuously and stay successful.

Now, apply this to your personal relationships.  Think about it.  Communication is key.  Expectations are the foundation of trust.  Satisfaction matters.


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Remaining in a state of awareness, mindful of the sound of the crickets and the bubbling of the turtle tank outside my window, I settle into a place of uncomfortable presence.  The awareness of my own presence and the options that are before me - to do - always to do are uncomfortable, almost unbearable.  Things that need to be done - optional things.  

Sometimes I sit still and wonder why I'm here.  I used to think this all the time, when my schedule would get overloaded and there simply wasn't enough hours in the day to do all the things I felt "had" to get done - not optional things.  Now when I have time, I nervously shift in my seat.  My stomach tightens.  I finish the chocolate chip cookie I mindlessly picked out of the plastic storage container on the counter because it was there looking lovely and delicious.  I love the taste of a cookie - eating it was optional - or was it?

When I find myself with time, even if it's just a half an hour, I immediately want to fill it with an activity.  Because there is always something that needs to get done, a bill that is overdue, a thank you card to be addressed, a button to be sewed, a newsletter to write, I get anxious if even a minute goes by that I could be doing something "productive."  But why?  Why this need, this overwhelming desire to keep active?  Is it because someday I may be unable to do, to act?  I hate the feeling of procrastination.  If there is a God and He has a divine plan for me, does it include these times when the minutes tick by and the "things to be done" wait patiently stacked in front of me?  What does God want me to do with this alloted time I am present here, now, in this time and space?   There are too many options.  I want someone to tell me what to do.

I could choose an option at this moment to get up, grab my car keys and start driving West, just West, until I have to pull over for gas or to answer one of my body's calls for food or sleep or to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I think that being a human being has no more meaning or reason than being a fish or a turtle or an oak tree.  We're just here, being what we are, taking care of the mundane things that make living possible.  

A breeze pushes past the curtains and the bamboo wind chime clunks hollow outside the window.  It says, "just enjoy, Little One!  Enjoy the feeling of being here.  Enjoy breathing.  Enjoy sound and movement.  Let us hold you for a little while and calm you.  Let us show you that you are so very loved and valued that even if you did nothing today but sleep all day you would still be loved and valued and cherished!"    I remember!  I remember the temporary nature of my physical existence.  I contemplate my bronze Ganesh statue lounging on my desk and Lakshmi's penetrating stare.  I remember the Tiger who's mere image inspires a deep love for all things wild and fiercely independent and I marvel at my friend's painting of St. Germain, so delicate and beautiful what her mind and her hand created for me.  

I remember who I am.  Timeless.  Infinite options and possibilities available in each moment.  Relax into the experience of being a human and let it ride.  Let the feeling of doing and being coexist within this moment and just relax.  Pick up a bill.  Go to the on line banking page and make a few clicks with the mouse.  It's all a game anyway, so just relax and enjoy the thrill of it all.  Cookies are optional...

The Silence of the Trees

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We recently had to take down a tree on our front yard that had dropped a huge limb, taking out the power to the house on the coldest day of the year and barely missing crashing through the roof.  It was a wake up call to finally take the action we knew had to be taken.

While the tree service was quoting the removal of that tree, we asked about trimming back branches from another beautiful tree that was right in front of our house.  It is the tree that defines our house and makes it special.  We agreed that this tree, which also had dropped limbs on the roof in the past, was in need of pruning to insure the safety of the house.  

When the day arrived to have the work done, and I returned home to see that the bigger tree had been completely removed down to a stump, I was sad and had asked that the tree spirit forgive us for this decision.  What I was about to hear from the tree expert regarding my "favorite" tree though was beyond comprehension.  As they climbed up to perform the pruning, they discovered that the large trunk was hollow and that the structural integrity of the entire tree was in jeopardy.  They recommended that it be completely removed.  I was heartbroken.  

I cried constantly and tried to think of ways we could justify keeping it, but the fact remained that the way it was leaning, with the hollow trunk, it was only a matter of time before a heavy wind would push it too hard and it would smash into the second story of the house, right into my bedroom.  So we agreed to have it removed.

The men did the deed on a Friday while I was at work.  I asked that they save me a piece of it so I could keep it to remember this lovely Maple that graced our yard since we moved in 18 years ago.  I can't even convey the shock and horror I felt when I arrived home to see it gone, nothing but a stump.  The house didn't even look like "our" house anymore, the empty space was overwhelming.  But the worst realization came on Saturday morning.  You see, there were many creatures who made a home in that tree and every morning I would look forward to waking up to the variety of birdsongs issuing from just outside my bedroom window.  That morning, I heard a bird, but it seemed miles away.  The silence of that missing tree was deafening.  I cried again and again at the loss of this beautiful being that was our friend for so long and home to so many others.

On that Friday morning before I left for work, as I hugged and cried into the tree how sorry I was to have to see it taken down and I begged for it to forgive me, I felt it say to me, "It's okay.  You can let me go"  Even as it awaited its eventual downfall, it gave me that last bit of grace to alleviate my suffering.  I will always honor and love the tree that was and will forever be grateful to it for the love it gave me.  And the log that I have will be placed in my garden as a memorial to it.  

We planted three more trees out front last Autumn.  I pray that God will protect them and allow them to grow tall and become a home for our sweet birds again.  It will take time, and I will live in the silence until then, remembering the beauty that was my tree.

An Amazing Realization

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Friday, March 21, 2014


First day of Spring! Finally!! Yay!!

I can see the green coming up for my bulbs out front and the wet smell of rain soaked earth is full of vigor and life! Praise be to God for the glory all around us!


When I awoke this morning, I felt sluggish and slow. But as my body warms to the familiar movement of my muscles and I dress to begin my day, the weariness gives way to energy and joy, for even on this day as I struggle drunk with slumber to place my feet into my slippers, I am happy!

Today is a gift from Father God and I am blessed!

I will remember all that must be remembered today and I will find more time in my day than I realized I had. My body is a blessing and gives me such joy in the easy way it moves me from place to place.


Even in my heart, I am light and free, for I have made the connection with my Divinity and I am living in the harmony of that reality where all needs are met, all desires are granted, and all love is pervasive in my experiences.


By vibrating higher I cast doubt on lack, illness and suffering. By my own free will and the grace of God I am free of the illusion of Man. I have finally transcended Maya, the false reality, and am living in heaven on earth.


Joined together with my angels and guides and given audience with the Masters, I am a vehicle for Divine interpretation of earthly life. My mission is to speak this truth and to lovingly console those who have yet to reach the border of crossing over into the 5th dimension of reality.


It is being inspired in me by the great minds and hearts of God that live in countless teachers and gurus and prophets and miracle workers. It is given to me by the saints and sages, the Masters of human reality who know the secret understanding and who open the door to those who are capable of understanding.


I have been shown, given experiences to build my faith and now as Joseph Campbell said, "I have not faith, but experience" to fall back upon. Once Faith was there for me when the validations were few, but now the truth is all around and I know who I Am! A Divine Being, Child of God, Heir to my Throne! I Accept!

Harmonic Healing for Yourself and the Planet

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Harmonic means all are tuned to a level where there is no distortion. Our world has a sound. That sound resonates outside of our planet and into the Universe. It bumps up against other sounds and even though the experts say that space does not carry sound because there is no air, this sound is not audible. It is felt with the body. Earth's body has a tone. Each of us contributes to the making of that sound. Just as each place has its own unique soundscape, so too does our world. And we individually have a frequency, a vibration, and a tone.

When we are vibrating at our best level, we are in harmony within ourselves and when we individually are expressing our unique talents, being who we are, loving what we love, doing actions that support that love, we can't help but feel positive, uplifted and happy. Joy arises spontaneously and it feeds the hungry world which still is off balance, discordant, and wobbly in its tone. Each person who vibrates love in themselves helps the others around them to do the same. We as a group are in this work together and it starts individually in secret inside of your heart, mind and body. It starts with you, knowing there is a purpose and a reason for being here on earth. Every person is important, valued and loved. Each life is intricately woven in with other lives. The responsibility for your happiness rests with you being able to take over the reins of your self and, with the help of benevolent invisible allies, recreate yourself in the image and likeness of God, a divine being, powerful, eternal, loved, supported, good, wise , sure, abundantly blessed. Harmonic Healing is the angels' way of doing their part to awaken you to your own personal truth.

Whatever is true to you is the truth. It may be different from another's truth, but that doesn't really matter. After all, we are half human, and like Mr. Spock from Star Trek, we can choose which part of us to give more power to. We can focus on our human side when we compassionately listen and help others because we understand the hardships that come with being a human. As a human, we are mortal. We make mistakes in judgment. We allow fear to rule our lives. We run from the pain and numb ourselves to difficult experiences.

What if we were to cultivate an understanding of our divinity, the other half of us, the one that goes on after the body dies? We do live forever in spirit and we have access to information, understanding and infinite resources. If we knew this and practiced allowing that side of ourselves to be dominant, we would believe without seeing, we would know without proof, we would trust without validation and we would live free to explore ourselves in a deeper more meaningful way. The world around us opens up as a place of wonder and mystery and beauty, teeming with life. We grow into oneness thinking and begin to realize the connectedness of all things and how our actions affect the whole. We become activists for causes, we help others, the serendipity flows and we are blessed as we create channels for Divine energy and light to flow. We allow ourselves to be conduits of God, allowing that powerful Love to transform ourselves, our families, friends, careers, interests, talents, activities and relationships. It literally flows like water, refreshing and invigorating every aspect of our lives. You begin to see a side of life you have never seen before and it is good. It is creation, simply put. You and I are creators, image and likeness...We do some and the Universe does the rest. What do you want to create for yourself? For the world? Are you ready to let go of old beliefs? Old thinking? The angels tune us little by little to this knowledge and we must do a great deal of work, but it is worth the effort and quite enjoyable.