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Letting Go

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is going through a transition.  Mike and I have been co-hosting the show since December 2010 and the time has arrived for the two of us to bow to the forces of the Universe that made all of this possible and let it go.

Mike is continuing to offer guidance and positive practices through his facebook Live videos

which can be found at" target="_blank">The Wingman's Path

As for me, well, Talk-N-Angels and I go back to 2009 when Anne Ford and I started it because we both saw a billboard that said, "Have Your Own Radio Show" and we knew we were being guided to talk about angels and widen their reach through radio.

Anne also does a show occasionally called "Connect with your Guardian Angel with Anne" and can be found on BlogTalkRadio.

In fact the two of us had a conversation recently about angels (of course) and about radio.  For me, the Wednesday evening weekly show had become an obligation that began to feel rushed and I felt I was not giving it the attention it deserved.  With both Mike and I getting so busy with new experiences and life in general, we felt it was time to give up the regular weekly show in favor of a more flexible approach to sharing our wisdom.

I will from time to time schedule a show in which I will open up the phone lines to take your calls and questions, connecting to the angelic realms and Spirit to answer those questions, and to share whatever wisdom it is that the Angels and Guides want to share.  It feels more natural to me to do this work when inspired.   I will most likely keep this website and the show up and running as long as it is providing a platform for those who are in service to the Divine to have a voice in the community - so I will continue to invite others on to the show as guests.

After talking with my Guides and Angels this morning, I'd like to share a new prayer that came down onto my pages.  Many of us can relate and will benefit from this wisdom.

A Prayer for Transitions/Transformations:

I let go of jealousy, envy, self-criticism, self-consciousness, blame, guilt, remorse, regret, fear, confusion, doubt and neglect.

With God's powerful Light, these secrets are revealed!

I pronounce them revealed to the Light - exposed for the lies they are!  

I vow to keep open my heart and my mind so that God's Light may flood my body, destroying all that no longer serves His highest good.  

My ideals are revised.  My plans are set by God.  My actions spring forth from Divine Inspiration.  I am healed of cowardice and neediness.  I am whole and strong.  I trust God to move my feet in the direction that gives Him honor and joy, for it is His honor and joy that is all I ever want.

Let it be so!

With Love and Deep Gratitude,


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