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Posted on July 26, 2019 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (19)

Granite headstones of various hues, all shades of gray, stand in line like soldiers on their first day of boot camp.  Some are big, some small, some wide, some tall.  All speak surnames loudly with large engraved letters and the first and middle names subordinated on the bottom carry the birth and death dates as their underlings.

Low trees dot the hillside giving places where the birds can nest.  I pull my Honda CRV along the side of the asphalt road next to the place where my family resides.  My mother, father and brother, John are all in a quad, sharing a space, a parcel of earth where their remains lay buried beneath six feet of dirt in fancy boxes stored inside concrete vaults.  I always wondered why such care and expense to store a body.  I think it's because in life, we are so identified with the body that when the life that animated it is gone, we struggle to believe that decay and decomposition will consume it.  So we try to protect it with embalming and lined coffins and concrete vaults that keep the worms and other critters from composting our physical forms.  But isn't that a futile attempt?  Isn't it better for the Earth to reclaim what is hers?

I saw a travel show and the host was touring Austria, Saltzberg to be exact.  They have so little space on which to build homes that the cemetary plots are rented.  When there comes a day that no one cares enough to pay the rent, the body is exhumed and the bones collected and placed in the bone chapel.  Each skull is lovingly decorated with the name of its former occupant and placed on a shelf with all the others.  The other bones of the body are stacked like cord wood underneath the shelves full of skulls.  Candles are lit in an every present vigil to keep the bones in the light.  It makes me wonder what happens when the bone chapel fills up.

But it makes sense to me to reuse a burial place, to honor a loved one in a more personal way by painting flowers and their name on their fleshless bones.  That's way more thoughtful and considerate than dressing the body in its Sunday best, then locking out all contact with the natural world to which it belongs.  For my body, I wish to be buried naturally, not preserved, but offered to the tiny organisms that would derive life-giving nutrients from my body.  I've been a consumer all my life.  In death I want to be a provider of abundance.

Letting Go

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (543)

Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is going through a transition.  Mike and I have been co-hosting the show since December 2010 and the time has arrived for the two of us to bow to the forces of the Universe that made all of this possible and let it go.

Mike is continuing to offer guidance and positive practices through his facebook Live videos

which can be found at" target="_blank">The Wingman's Path

As for me, well, Talk-N-Angels and I go back to 2009 when Anne Ford and I started it because we both saw a billboard that said, "Have Your Own Radio Show" and we knew we were being guided to talk about angels and widen their reach through radio.

Anne also does a show occasionally called "Connect with your Guardian Angel with Anne" and can be found on BlogTalkRadio.

In fact the two of us had a conversation recently about angels (of course) and about radio.  For me, the Wednesday evening weekly show had become an obligation that began to feel rushed and I felt I was not giving it the attention it deserved.  With both Mike and I getting so busy with new experiences and life in general, we felt it was time to give up the regular weekly show in favor of a more flexible approach to sharing our wisdom.

I will from time to time schedule a show in which I will open up the phone lines to take your calls and questions, connecting to the angelic realms and Spirit to answer those questions, and to share whatever wisdom it is that the Angels and Guides want to share.  It feels more natural to me to do this work when inspired.   I will most likely keep this website and the show up and running as long as it is providing a platform for those who are in service to the Divine to have a voice in the community - so I will continue to invite others on to the show as guests.

After talking with my Guides and Angels this morning, I'd like to share a new prayer that came down onto my pages.  Many of us can relate and will benefit from this wisdom.

A Prayer for Transitions/Transformations:

I let go of jealousy, envy, self-criticism, self-consciousness, blame, guilt, remorse, regret, fear, confusion, doubt and neglect.

With God's powerful Light, these secrets are revealed!

I pronounce them revealed to the Light - exposed for the lies they are!  

I vow to keep open my heart and my mind so that God's Light may flood my body, destroying all that no longer serves His highest good.  

My ideals are revised.  My plans are set by God.  My actions spring forth from Divine Inspiration.  I am healed of cowardice and neediness.  I am whole and strong.  I trust God to move my feet in the direction that gives Him honor and joy, for it is His honor and joy that is all I ever want.

Let it be so!

With Love and Deep Gratitude,


A House Divided Cannot Stand

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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln.

As we watch the goings on amongst the people of our land, and the nations of the world, we see this in action.  Division being sown in the fields of America pitting families against each other, and even within families, discontent and division.  How many of us have "lost" a cousin, a brother, a sister, a mother a father to the division within American politics?

And the European Union members seeking to separate and withdrawal into thier own societies, the world seeking to nationalize and draw into itself, contracting and separating, all this for what?  In the hope that it will provide a secure, stable, "normal" life.

When we see the world and the  people in it divided in this way, we have to wonder who would want to sow these seeds.  What is there to be gained?  As Suzy Kassem quotes,

“When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.”

Can we not see what is happening before our very eyes?  As we fight we are distracted.  As we are distracted we are allowing all manner of theivery to prevail.  As I write this, hard-fought protections are being taken away, national treasures in the form of land, resources and Nature are being once again offered like an unfortunate little girl to an evil manipulative mysoginistic sociopath to do with what he pleases.  Consumer protections and corporate regulations that came about after destructive practices and theivery led to billions in losses, crushed credit and ruined lives are being reversed and allowed once again to let their greedy tentacles reach into every home and every pocket to distrupt our freedoms.

If ever there was a time to stand united, it is now.  Push back against the ones that are doing this to us by standing together and rally together to fight this very misleading, destructive and manipulative force of evil that has invaded our land.  You can interpret that through your own filter to determine who is doing the manipulation.  Just remember, we all need fresh air, clean water, natual world protections, freedom from usury, freedom of speech and the opportunity to evolve with the changing times and to continue advancements in science, technology and education for ALL.  We all need healthcare - not a single human being on this planet can get by without a doctor, medication and regular check ups.  We need to stop deluding ourselves and get straight with what we want, then demand it.  United we stand.  Divided we ffall - and fall HARD!


Infrastructure Spending

Posted on July 6, 2017 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (1)

I awoke this morning to this thought:  Infrastructure Spending.  We've heard it used as a sound byte.  It connotes spending on things like bridges, roads, buildings...all physical apparatus that we use to build out and up from wherever we are, and to improve what we already have to make it safer and more durable for years to come.

This idea of "infrastructure" kept repeatinig in my mind, but not for the physical, for the non physical.  Here's what I mean.  In our great country, we have a saying:  "America, land of the free and home of the brave."  My friends, we are neither of these.  If we the people includes every man woman and child who calls this place home, we are deluding ourselves.

First in the way of freedom:  no where else on earth are there more people serving time behind bars than in America.  What lands someone in jail?  Are they all bad people?  No.  Just like the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, says of dogs:  there are no bad dogs, only bad owners who don't understand dog behavior or who abuse the dog because he is a dog.  So lets just say that humans have behaviors that come about due to their environment and their treatment.  And I'm not going to apologize for using an analogy of a dog for a person because in fact we share our animal nature.   The truth is  the "infrastructure" of society is what really needs attending and correcting.  

Are any of us free when we mortgage our future with mountains of debt?  Who benefits from consumer spending?  Why is that a measure of our success?  How am I better when I spend more?  Delusion

Now in the way of the brave, there is no doubt we have courageous people who fight for our protection and our interests - our steadfast and loyal military family.   We also have brave people, ordinary citizens who, in spite of the lack of social infrustructure, manage to start businesses, get a college education, and bear up under pain and suffering, and sometimes humiliation to feed, house and care for themselves, their children and loved ones.  There are no shortage of brave people willing to put themselves in the public sphere, subject themselves to criticism and ridicule, to speak their minds or to offer their creative ideas with the intention of helping others and improving the lives of not just a few special people, but all people.  

Cowardice comes in the form of fear.  Yes, the same fear that is stoked daily on the news, the fear that rings in our ears constantly about the "other", the ones with the "different" religion, customs, mode of dress, language, preferences, color, accent, country of origin.....keep going.  There are literally thousands of factors that make us different from one another.  We're different for a reason.  There's a reason even identical twins are different, no two people are exactly alike.  Think about this.  Yes, we're comfortable when we are around those who share our factors, but put us in a room with those who differ from us, who are outside our comfort zone and we become harsh, demeaning, suspicious, defensive, critical and mean.  We are not brave at all when it comes to seeing past differences.  This is where we need to be brave, so that we can live in peace, celebrating our shared human experiences.  

It's easy to be fooled into thinking that people are bad.  Most people are genuinely good, caring, compassionate, kind and generous.  Those who are not may have experienced trauma or abuse.  They may have been born into unfortunate circumstances, fell prey to addiction, illness, poverty, crime and violence.  Perhaps their society encourages this abuse and may be they cannot be helped.  But I believe that with the proper "infrastructure", at least in America if no where else in this world, we can take ourselves out from under the grip of delusion and into a place of positioning ourselves for the best possible future.  We need to look at this and invest in social infrastructure to improve the society we already have to make it safer and more durable for years to come.

Social Infrustructure improvements lay the groundwork for success whether you were born into priviledge and support,  surrounded by a loving supportive family as a child, or if you were born into poverty, abandoned and abused by an addicted parent.  The real investment, the one that pays the biggest dividends are the ones that invest in people.  Universal healthcare and universal education whether in colleges, universities or training in trade skills.  Just think how much we could improve every person's life if we didn't have to mortgage our futures to achieve an education.  An educated society makes educated choices.  And a society that offers universal healthcare has the capacity to treat addictions, offer counseling, provide physical and mental healthcare so that we can heal.  Once we are educated and healthy, we can start businesses, create opportunities, express our creativity in the form of new ideas that advance our society and the planet.  The economy has no choice but to improve under these circumstances.  We're already spending the money now as a society.  We need to shift how we spend it.  I don't want to "invest" in another prison.

It's not welfare spending or entitlement, two words that have crippled attempts to help the needy.  It's investment in our infrastructure!   No more needy - true opportunity for everyone.  Let's get out of the prison business and the student loan business and stop erecting barriers to success and pave a clear pathway.  Give people a chance to develop so we can see them blossom.  We need this now.


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Being Open lets in, does not restrict. It welcomes. Open signs in windows alert us to go inside, to peek, to explore. Openness in a room creates a feeling of joy, with room to breathe and circulate, mingling and dancing.

Be Open now. Chant for yourself the sound of Ahhh and allow your body to open through the voice, through sound. Begin the day with awakening the body, opening the eyes, opening the mouth to breathe deeply. Open.

Open the heart. Through deep, prayerful meditation, empathize with all. See with your mind's eye the heart as a vast oasis of Love, teeming with energy and light that spills out upon opening, touching, healing and cleansing all. Open.

Open the mind. Let the thoughts that run rampant stream across the mind like a stampede over an open field and then let the mind become aware of the space within the open field. Allow and invite all creative imaginings to meander across the field of your mind and entertain those images with child-like wonder and amazement. What if?

Open the Peace. Let the world begin to give you the Peace it has at its core. The world revolves because of Peace, that breath of tranquility at the heart of matter and energy, of movement and light. All life has its meaning in a state of Peaceful Joy. Open to Peace.

Above all, open your arms, that you may receive those who wish to embrace you and whom you wish to hold, to bring closer to your heart. Open your life to Joy, to Love and to Peace in all ways. Be Open to us, your Angels!


Pay Attention to Spirit Animals

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (5)

If you have never bothered to look up the meaning of an animal that has presented itself to you, you  owe yourself this valuable piece of information and guidance.

While talking on the phone to someone about offering more classes at Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center to assist people in processing the intense energies coming on to the planet which are forcing rapid change and causing stress,  a dove flew over and landed on a branch of a bush just outside my living room window.  It's not unusual for birds to do this, but I've never seen a mourning dove do this.  I realized this dove was really looking at me and it stayed there for a bit making sure I noticed.  The window is just inches from my sacred space, my altar where I pray and meditate.  It was as if the bird wanted to be part of my spiritual work.

Today I looked up that totem animal and as is usually the case when I look up the totem meaning of any animal, bird or insect that goes out of its way to make itself noticable to me, I was overwhelmed with how perfect, accurate and timely its message is for me.  What a comfort to know our Animal Spirit brothers and sisters are with us on this journey.  I encourage you to look up totem meanings for any animal that is kind enough to share its power and information with you.

Below is the message as it appeared from the webpage

Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit Messenger


By Ina Woolcott


Dove/Pigeon’s gifts include – bringer of peace and love, understanding of gentleness, spirit messenger, communication between the two worlds, maternity, femininity, prophecy.


The Dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried and troubled thoughts, and enables us to find renewal in the silence of mind. In these moments of stillness we are able to appreciate the simple things in life.


The myths and legends surrounding the dove links it with many goddesses and it is renowned as the embodiment of the maternal instinct. The dove’s brood consists of 2 eggs. 2 is a symbol of the creative and feminine energies. Home and family are very dear and meaningful to those with this power animal. Life lessons will be most prevailing in these areas.


This bird is linked with the transitional periods in the day’s cycle. The dove’s singing is its most distinctive characteristic, to be heard throughout the day, as well as first thing in the morning and last thing at night. According to mystical and magical traditions, the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are then at their thinnest. Their coo sounds mournful, possibly reflecting hidden emotions within those with this medicine. How you perceive its sound often mirror the energies that are present in your life.


The precious stone amethyst is purple in colour. Sometimes at sunset and sunrise the sky is also this colour. The thing of interest here is that like the dove, amethyst relates to peacefulness. Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used, and a comfort to those living in a world, which seems to be filled with stress, tension, and major changes. Certainly more peace is needed in the world and in some of our lives. Together with dove and amethyst, this may just be achieved. Particularly when we are going through or are facing big changes and transitions.


Dove’s are members of the pigeon family. Both symbolise the qualities of home, security and maternal instincts. Many with this power animal will experience unsettling childhood’s and will be consistently challenged to help gain a solid and secure foundation in all areas of their lives.


Dove teaches us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch away – within us, and always available. Meditation and practicing deep breathing can help us to find inner peace, assisting us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose2


The dove embodies maternal instinct and is connected to Mother Earth and her creative energies. Their mournful coo speaks to our deepest self and stirs our emotions. The voice of dove is a rain song bringing us hope of a new beginning. Listen for their call with your soul.


As doves are ground feeders, mostly consuming seeds, those with this power animal would do well on a diet rich in wholesome seeds, nuts and grains. They would also be successful in any health profession relating to nutrition.


If dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony, be it of the past or the present. Dove helps us to rid trauma stored within our cellular memory. Humming can help you with this release.


Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner agitation is banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, the goodness awaits us. So we are able to receive the gifts doves present us, healing on all levels – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – is of utmost importance.

The Keys to the Kingdom

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I don't usually post entries from a state of being that is less than inspired, but I feel that God is putting me in this position to share what it is I am experiencing in the hope that it will serve others, for I do not understand His grand plan.  I simply know that God knows what He's doing and my angels and guides are here to help, but ultimately I have a role to play also in the shaping of not only my personal life and world, but the larger community of Earth.

Every weekday morning I awake to the sound of NPR radio's Morning Edition.  It's usually politics and it covers what is going on in Washington as well as in the states.  As I awake in the morning and hear the stories of immigrants being deported, changes to our healthcare plans and more, I become anxious.  I'm anxious because I know that this is a change I did not vote for and as hard as it is to adjust to a new administration when it is not the one you voted for, this particular time I'm having the toughest time allowing what is to be what it is.  I mean, I used to enjoy being entertained by the crazy antics of reality television, but when our government is the stage and the daily news is like tuning into a show, it starts to feel like the whole world is teetering on the edge of mass insanity - or maybe we've already been teetering and now it's actually fallen into the abyss.

I know this is a time of change and that this shift in American politics has many facets.  One of the ways I look at things is through the filter of my spiritual vision which says to me that everything is happening in Divine order just as it should.  I understand that this anxiety is about radical transformation and completely shifting from one way of being to another and I know that these kinds of changes bring about all kinds of hellish emotions.  It is a time when people are awakening in mass numbers to the reality of the world around us which responds to our thoughts and our intentions.  With this knowledge I become even more anxious because I know my feelings and my thoughts are contributing to the experience of life not just for myself, but it ripples out to the wider community and ultimately to the world.

So why is it this knowledge causes me anxiety?  In today's Daily Word, a lovely publication by the Unity School of Christianity, the word is "Keys to the Kingdom" and it talks about how we each hold the keys to our own prosperity, peace and well-being.  The scripture passage at the bottom of the message is this one from Matthew 16:19:

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

If God has given us this authority to rule over our own lives and bind, or commit to, and loose or release things on earth, it allows us to commit to or release things in "heaven" which is in our minds and hearts,  So I thought about this as it relates to my own life.

The anxiety I'm feeling each morning has become the background on which I am binding things on earth and it is causing my heart and mind to become bound to it.  I'm feeling myself slipping into a state of anxiousness that is totally unfamiliar to me, truly unlike any I can remember feeling before.   I need to begin my day in a different way, perhaps listening to music or simply waking up to the sound of the alarm clock, but definitely not to the news of the day.

I want to use the keys to the kingdom to open up a new way of being here on earth and it sounds like once I commit or bind myself to that vision, or that goal, then in "heaven" or in my heart and mind I will become one with the vision and it will bring joy, peace and fulfillment rather than anxiety and hopelessness.  But it's not just vision, it is action.  What am I doing to open up a new way of being here on earth? What does that mean?

I guess it is time to get specific, to be honest with myself and to remember who I am - who we are.  I'm praying, too, asking God to have mercy on me so that I can "loose" those things on earth that have bound me to this anxious state of being.  I want to be free from it now and I need help understanding exactly how to do that.  One of those things is my cleaning business. 

It's been a recurring theme or pattern in my life to doubt.  I doubt everything - even the things I know are true and real - but mostly I have a terrible habit of doubting that I know what I'm doing.  I mean, I go about my day doing what I set out to do, but I question why.  Why did I choose this or that?  Why am I working so hard?  Why is it when I get a sense of freedom I commence to build up a small cell for myself to occupy, to become miserable and jaded?  Am I so different or am I just the same as everyone who has come before me hoping for a life of love, peace and freedom?  And what is it that is so terrible in my life?  

My husband is the optimist always and will point out all of the blessings in my life and yet, I circle back to the low level anxiety around dealing with things I don't want to do, like manage a small business.  You'd think it would be a wonderful thing but to me, it has become a source of tension, anxiety and stress to levels I haven't felt since I worked in Corporate America.  I fondly remember those days now, remembering how freeing it was to be able to quit a job that has become overwhelming and find a new one.  

At age 52 and 7 years into a budding business, it seems impossble to change.  And that is where this blog is leading, to the Keys to the Kingdom.   We don't have to ask God's permission to do what we want to do here.  He has given us this authority.  The only one holding us back from what we truly want is ourselves and to obtain it we have to take actions that demonstrate what it is we want to bind or loose and then, and only then, will it happen in Heaven or in the higher realms where the support can rain down to supply whatever intention we loose or bind here on earth.  

God, help me understand and help me have the courage to admit what I truly want and to take actions based on faith and trust in You, not in what "makes sense" from an earthly or human perspective.  Please keep me from cowering behind fear, living an anxious life and allow me to emerge with true faith in You, understanding that you made me the way I am and You want me to be happy.  Amen.

Joe 25

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Joe 25


I pulled my plastic container of winter clothes from the attic. The temperature started falling and our house, with its inadequate insulation, started to feel like it was being squeezed into the icy grip of yet another winter. It was time to find the warm and cozy things I love so much that keep me warm and comfortable during soup and stew weather. The container of clothes has had pretty much the same contents for the last few years. I rarely invest in new clothes and my body cooperates fully by staying roughly the same size year after year. But this year was different. For the first time in a long time my pants were very tight. I mean, I could button and zip them, but the uncomfortable pressure on my expanding waistline meant it was time to do something about the flab that menopause was depositing on my middle. I decided there and then that it was time to get a new healthy habit started. I began walking in the morning.


Without having a plan, I just decided to bundle up and head out. I downloaded an app on my phone so I could track my steps then stomped out the front door. As I meandered down my street, then rounded the corner and started down the long sidewalk that runs alongside the Cinnaminson Middle School athletic fields I had no idea where to go or how long I should walk. Before long I found myself at the end of that sidewalk and absentmindedly wandered across the street to where a tiny church stands with its ancient grave yard. American flags fluttering next to granite and marble headstones, the graveyard silently honors life while affirming our very temporary existence here on earth. The wind picked up and I pulled my scarf a little tighter around my chin, slid the cuff of my winter hat down a little lower over my ears and headed down the street toward the park.


As I walked I realized this was the perfect time to do my Vedic mantra chants. I had spent a good part of the last year and a half learning Vedic mantras as a spiritual practice. Before I started walking, my usual morning routine would be to get up, throw on some yoga pants and a big sweater then head downstairs to the living room where I had set up an altar containing statues, pictures, crystals and other sacred objects that help me connect to the other realms. I would dutifully sit on my meditation cushion, light some candles and begin breathing to relax and center my attention on my interior world. Then I would begin chanting mantras, first focusing on the root chakra and invoking Ganesh, then the sacral chakra and Vishnu, going chakra by chakra chanting the mantra for each Hindu god or goddess until I reached the crown chakra and goddess Saraswati. The more mantras I learned the more chanting I did and the practice grew to a full thirty minutes of mantra chanting. Since now I decided to shift things around a bit and start my day in motion, the mantras would just have to be chanted while putting one foot in front of the other, facing the elements and taking in the changing sky as the sun rose higher in the sky. I loved it!


As I crossed the intersection and kept heading toward the park the mantras came easily. I carried a mala with me, a set of prayer beads, so that I could lose myself in mantras while I walked. I could feel my spirit delighting in this new practice and as I walked and breathed, chanted and prayed I could feel myself getting lighter and lighter. What started as a desire to lose some inches around my waist ended up becoming a very enjoyable way to start the day, connect to my angels and guides and get some much needed fresh air.


When I arrived at Memorial Park, the entrance was being renovated to construct a new parking lot and there were huge mounds of asphalt gravel and rock. Construction vehicles dotted the area and tall chain link fences kept kids from climbing up on those piles. I watched day after day as the parking lot started to take shape and each day the piles were diminished a little more slowly becoming incorporated into the paved lot. Winding my way around the construction zone I found my way into the park where the athletic fields reminded me of the days long ago when my kids played softball and soccer there. This park was designed to host tournaments and the main attractions are the fields of play. It is ringed by an asphalt walking track and beyond the paved areas it is ringed by waterways that connect in one way or another to the Delaware river. There isn’t a whole lot of wild space there, but what is there hosts many birds and creek dwelling critters. A blue heron can sometimes be seen majestically perched in the middle of the water balanced on one leg and looking statuesque. Bald eagles nest nearby and often perch high atop the power lines that run directly across the entire park. It was here that I first caught sight of Joe.


At first I thought I was seeing my dog Misty who passed away years ago. I saw a black dog off in the distance that had the same shape and carried himself the same way that Misty did. They could have been siblings. Aside from the color, they were so much alike. A man was standing still, keeping vigil over the black dog and another hound dog who sported a little sweater. They were a little family these three, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the park and enjoying just being outside. As I continued walking along the asphalt track I got closer to the trio. Joe must have caught a whiff of a stranger. He bounded toward me but seemed to head off track. As he got closer I could see that he was missing his right eye. It was just like fur covered over the place where his eye should be. The other eye was cloudy with a cataract and now I could tell he was almost completely blind. Still he found me and I reached down to say hello to him. He pushed his body into my legs and reveled in the attention. His person came over and we struck up a conversation. I learned that the one-eyed dog was Joe and that he was in a shelter for two and a half years. Joe’s person, Terry, told me that no one wanted him because he was missing an eye and because he was so old. That made him more endearing to Terry and he just had to take him home.


As I got to know more and more about Joe and Terry, I was introduced to the hound dog, too. His name was Lucky and he was Terry’s neighbor’s dog. I think he’s Joe’s friend and companion and he gets to tag along whenever Terry takes Joe to the park. I could tell right away that Joe was a very special dog. I believe he has magical powers. Terry said that Joe has to be petted by a stranger or at least by someone new every day so he can earn enough pets to get into heaven. Terry’s not sure what the rules are, but it’s something like that. He also told me that he’s had dogs his whole life and all of them were named Joe. This little guy is Joe 25. We laughed about it and I pictured Joe with his little tally sheet proving to St. Peter at the heavenly gates that he’s got a right to enter Paradise as the 25th Joe.


I don’t think any dog has to earn his way into heaven. They come from heaven to give us love, unconditional love, and they teach us how to be compassionate, loving, patient and kind. Dogs are God’s way of proving that we are simply here to enjoy life for they give us plenty of examples of how to live life free from stress and worry. Sure some dogs are nervous and anxious and need someone to be patient with them. But then so do we.


As Christmas time approached, I felt compelled to give Joe a gift, a box of Christmas cookie doggie treats. It was December 23rd and I went out for a walk with the cookies in my coat pocket. Sure as the sun rises, there was Terry with his buddies and a few other park-loving dogs and their people. I got to know a few more wonderful people and make lots more doggie friends with the cookies. I gave the box of cookies to Terry and he opened them up and gave them out to all the dogs that were there and there were quite a few!


I think God directed me to go out walking by making me put on a few pounds. Somehow He knew that I was missing my dog and that I needed to make a few new friends. He wanted me to do something kind for my body and for my mind, too. This walk gives me a chance to pray without thinking about how long it will take. It is the same route every day and it takes about an hour and it covers 2.75 miles, or roughly 5, 300 steps. Not a bad way to start the day! When I say goodbye to Terry, Joe and Lucky I exit the park and start the trek back to my house. I start talking to myself out loud. I tell myself what I want to be true and I know that by saying it out loud with confidence that it will become my truth. I am strong! I am powerful! I am creative, loving, kind, generous, charitable, intelligent, motivated, inspired and inspiring. I am a writer, a speaker, a teacher. I am changing the world. I am Love in action. I am a divine being, whole, perfect, limitless and powerful. I am fearless!


By saying these words to myself and declaring it with my voice I am each day growing into the person I know I am but have yet to fully realize or experience. I can do anything with my energy and attention and my love. I choose to be a peace maker. Reaching out to new people I grow that circle of Love. Joe came to me with his sweet little face and furry smile and made me realize that we are all beautiful regardless of what we look like on the outside. I can feel the truth of our nature. He is a beautiful expression of God and so am I. I would have never expected a little thing like a morning walk to affect me so profoundly, but it has and I am eternally grateful.


My "Day After" post-election fear spill

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I have to process my feelings about the election results. As a psychic, I use my abilities to connect for others to their guides and angels to answer questions and to provide guidance. About a week and a half ago, I “saw” in my psychic sight DT standing at the presidential podium; hand on bible, taking the oath of office. My stomach tightened and I quickly said “cancel, cancel, delete!” which is what I do whenever I say something or think something I do not want to come into being. Too late. It was there. In spite of the optimism about HRC and my feeling that the energy of change was about moving closer to unity and a coming together in harmony, even her slogan “Love Trumps Hate” felt true and real to me as I have always believed that Love conquers Hate and that Fear is the realm and expertise of what some may call The Devil, but which I call lower vibrating energy that poisons hope, and imprisons the soul.


As my energy body took the beating last night, I experienced nausea, trembling, and diarrhea but I tried to go to sleep before learning the final results. To calm myself, I imagined the color blue, the color of the Archangel Michael which eradicates fear and I pictured HRC smiling with a late night victory. Then my energy body would vibrate again fear, anxiety, a flood of memories of my days when I was a college student learning history, learning about governments, doing detailed research on revolutions and insurrections in various parts of the world. Suddenly my education, my knowledge of these things became a burden because I could “see” the similarities between what happened last night and what happened in so many other instances in our World history. It is terrifying to think of this beautiful nation going through another civil war.


I don’t want to allow the flood of images and feelings that are coming into me now to have any time to sit in my awareness, but they are there. I’m still feeling the affect of this decision in every part of my body and it is the most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had. My mind races from one thing to the next, imagining the worst. Then the intuitive images start again, I don’t even want to give voice to them here hoping to not feed more energy into them, but the images are eerily reminiscent of dictatorial regimes. A perversion of justice, excesses of domestic military presence, the American people voluntarily turning over their liberties and freedoms to an extremely disturbing sociopath occupying the Oval Office. All of us thinking, this can’t happen in America. We have checks and balances. What if all the checks and balances were systematically voted or appointed into a singular direction, coerced and intimidated – as bullies do – into one way of thinking and being in this country.


Fresh air, clean water, a halt to production processes that deteriorate our living ecosystems, all of these are no longer valid when we make a fresh commitment to a dangerous, destructive, dying source of energy – coal. Say goodbye to protected natural areas. Nature is about to be raped out of existence. The Supreme Court leaning entirely in the direction of conservative values equals disaster for women on a massive scale. Women are chattel in this version of America, not equals, but simply here for the enjoyment and entertainment of men, not taken seriously in business or in politics, returned into service to men who can have their way with us as often as they choose. It’s every apocalyptic movie and TV show and video game we’ve ever been drawn into except it’s on the horizon – I can see it.


Yes, in this new reality, education is frowned upon and ignorance is bliss. The less you know about the world, our history, the markets, the politics of the world, the better it is for those who wish to feed you a story that benefits their power grab. In China, they rounded up all the civil rights lawyers and they started disappearing. In Hitler’s Germany, they burned the books so that the Third Reich could educate the younger generations to believe whatever they wanted them to believe. In DT’s America, who knows what will happen. This man is ____________ (fill it in with whatever you think of him) and he’s now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. God help us.


Here’s my prediction. Roe v. Wade overturned leading women backward into a time when decisions about our bodies are not our own. A further deterioration of the environment due to climate change denial and an absence of recognition of the impact of destructive processes on our health and well being, leading to increasing health care costs. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act leading to massive numbers of people without adequate coverage who must be treated in emergency rooms and hospitals at the expense of the rest of the population who pays for insurance through their employers resulting in staggering cost increases across the board to ordinary people. Market volatility around the world leading to downward pressure on stocks and futures markets with only the richest of the rich being able to capitalize on the down market leading to a crumbling of retirement nest eggs for millions of middle class people. With a Republican held Senate and House of Representatives nothing to stop the Republican agenda of extreme conservatism and restrictions on personal liberties. A resistance from the Left rising, then being crushed by an increasingly authoritarian Executive branch with full support from Congress, most of whom will have to do whatever they are told or risk being ostracized, marginalized and removed from power. A powerful class of extremely wealthy elites who simply desire to do what they please without regard for the welfare or lives of anyone who cannot get into that club. The gun owners, most of whom support this regime will become the local muscle, intimidating and forcing ordinary people to comply or risk being “dealt with” much as African Americans were forced to comply with the degradation of Jim Crow laws and found no justice for their pain and suffering when inflicted upon them by white supremacists. Ordinary people will have to find a way to fight this machine of aggressive over-reaching authoritarian rule or risk being exterminated. Entering an age of competing ideologies, a fractured electorate, and led by a man who literally turns the stomach with his disgusting habits of speech and conduct. What more can be said of the American people but that we are merely sheep being led into a new Dark Age. I think it’s time to build bomb shelters, gather up the books, some survival supplies and go underground. The Apocalypse has officially arrived.



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Procreation.  As defined by the dictionary, it means to "beget or bring forth offspring."  Most people consider the fertilized egg as a symbol of procreation.

On the radio show. my Guides kept coming back to this point about procreation.  Not as we use it in general to talk about producing children from a man and a woman, but in the language of Spirit, to Procreate means that you and the Divine are working together to beget or bring forth something that is a little bit of both of you.

If you can, try to imagine the 3-dimensional realm of physicality, the Earth and all who live upon it, are the womb of creation, the field that is to be planted for a later harvest. When you come upon a field that has not been prepared, what does it look like?  Usually overrun with weeds, littered with debris, possibly containing large rocks or stones that would need to be removed before the plow can dig up the earth, turn it over and become a fully prepared bed ready to sow.  There's probably more work that goes into the preparation than the actual planting, tending and harvesting.

In order to successfully Procreate with the Divine, meaning, in order to have our desires, dreams or visualizations manifest in this 3-D world, we must prepare for seeding.  The work we do as spiritual students and seekers is the same as going over the fallow field with a rake and a shovel, digging up fears, phobias and anxieties.  Raking away the dead material of our past, the beliefs that used to make sense to us at some time but have now become something we can turn over and use to fertilize a new beginning, something that makes sense to us now.

Start today preparing your field so that you and the Divine can procreate something beautiful!  Ask your angels for help and listen to the gentle urging inside your heart.  If it feels good and you're excited, you can be assured you're doing it right!  With love and appreication for your creations!!