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Buffalo Chicken dip anyone?

Posted on June 25, 2012 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Even if you think they aren't talking back to you, talk TO your angels.

They hear you.  They hook you up with whatever you need.

Just last Friday night, my husband, Bill and I were heading over to our friends to kick back and relax.  I wanted to bring something to snack on. Bill wanted something that he categorized as "like a meal".  I didn't know what to get - completely drawing a blank.

On the way to the Shop Rite, I said, "Okay angels, I need you!"  And in my head I heard, "We're with you!"  So I told them I needed to find a snack that would eat like a meal, that everyone would like that this store would have ready made for me to purchase.  Within about a minute of me asking that my mind wandered as it always does, to a variety of seemingly silly thoughts.  I pictured a can of chunk chicken that I recently bought. Then I thought, what could be made with that?  Suddenly it burst into my mind, "Buffalo Chicken Dip!!" 


Shop Rite had it already made and there were bags of pita chips on the shelf above the case where I found the dip.


I tell people all the time, when you need help, ask your angels.  My friend Anne always told me that and it has stuck!  Thank God, because I really do need help with alot of little things and that's where they can just come through for you immediately.  Please try this with anything you need and you'll begin to believe that they are really there (which I know they are) and that they don't mind doing anything at all for you.  Just ask.   Thanks, Angels!  (oh yeah, remember to thank them when you realize what it was that they did for you.  I usually realize it and just laugh out loud)

A tribute to my dog, Misty

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (1)

You came to us through the insistent pleading of a child.

"Please, Mom!  Can't we please have a dog?"

It was only three years ago when we found your picture on the Almost Home Animal Shelter website.  It was love at first sight.

When you met us, you were so sweet and tender.  You came up to us very timidly and wagged your tail, looking at us with the most tender eyes and a big heart.  We quickly filled out the necessary forms and within a couple of days, we were approved!

As we walked you to the car to come home with us, we were filled with excitement and a little nervous energy.  It had been a very long time since I had a dog and I wondered how you would like our house and even more importantly, our cats, Boots and Felicia.

Well, the first thing you did when you came into the house was go right to the new living room rug and deposit a big stinky poop.  Asserting your authority!  Making a bold statement, "I have arrived!"

In the next hours, as I walked the aisles in WalMart looking for food bowls and bone-bones, I got the call from Daddy that someone let you out in the back yard, and left the gate open. You were gone!

It was January 16, 2009 and it was bitterly cold, raining and sleeting, dark and ominous and you had disappeared from our yard with no idea where to go and without knowing who we were.  We just met and you were not familiar with us yet.  For days we drove around looking for you, posting signs all over Cinnaminson, Moorestown and Maple Shade. 

As it turns out, talking to the bus drivers was the best idea because you were spotted and we finally had some glimmer of hope.  Finally on the fifth day of you being missing, the animal shelter people, whom we had called immediately, helped find you and they did find you. 

We were afraid they wouldn't let us have you, but after much crying and pleading and promising to be better stewards of you, we were granted permission to once again take you home with us. 

Your beautiful face and "extra froofy" fur made us love to hug, kiss and snuggle you.  The funniest things was that you loved to stare up at the lightbulb in the lamp as if you were seeing something amazing and just wag your tail, all alert and everything, barking at the light.  We found out later that instead of a ball, you liked flash lights!~  Loved to chase the light, chew on the light, and follow it, snapping at it as if you could swallow up the beam of light. 

I now know why you were so attracted to the light, because you are an angel of light and you gave me so much joy, and some crazy, nutty days where you were just out of control, but I wouldn't trade any of it.  Even when you started to get anxious more and more and when you started drinking water excessively, I still loved you and learned to be patient with you.  When you had other episodes of your illness that were less than desirable, we bore with you and tried very hard to understand what was going on with you.  It wasn't until a few weeks ago that the vet finally diagnosed cushings disease.

If there was a way to take away the pain or to make you more comfortable and happy, we would have given it to you.  But unfortunately, there was no miracle that was going to make your pain go away. 

I'm so glad we had the time together that we had and that we made the most of it in every way.  I'll always remember our walks and our "tree sitting" time where we would just sit together and breathe.  You loved the walks up in the Poconos with so many new and interesting things to smell.  You were always so much fun to take for a ride in the car and you made going to the park a real joy.

Misty, you were my angel and you came to me when I needed you the most.  I hope you can forgive me for any times I may have misunderstood what you needed.  I know you are in good hands now and you will be very happy until I come to claim you back as my dog when I join you in Spirit.

To Misty!  A good friend, a good dog and a wonderful part of our family.  You will be missed and never forgotten.



Paths of Excellence

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Paths of Excellence

On a path to excellence

We trot along

Knowing only that which is before us in our eyes and on our path

Underneath these seen visions are unseen energies and vortices of energies that absolutely can confound you with their beauty and magnetic brilliance.

And so we say to you, be not afraid to journey below the surface, to the underlying reasons for wanting, desiring and knowing.

Ask many questions and seek out teachers who can direct you into new fields of study. For it is in reaching higher and deeper that you will come to know the truth of who you are and in that eloquence of the spirit language you will discover what no one can teach you; you will learn by experiencing the greatness of your very nature, what it is to be alive present here today.

So for you to travel along this path is to engage in the art and path of excellence, for in each and every thing you do and say there is a motive and an operation of faith, wisdom and thought. Each thought goes from one place to another carrying its energy and intention. It is like a packet in a computer system in the internet. Think of it that way.

Paths of excellence are formed when more of you come together with the intention of creating pathways of excellence both in thought and deed, in expectations and in solutions to the world’s problems.

Not all are ready or receptive to these energies as you well know. Only those who have received their initiation, their eye opening awakening moments are instilled with the light and spirit of knowing the truth.

Come into the light and see; look around you at the beautiful nature of humanity. Seek out the words of wisdom of the ages, those who have come before and make them your teachers if you must. Become comfortable in circles of like-minded people to celebrate your own unique gifts.

Be radiant as I am radiant; Live a life centered in pursuit of happiness and joy, Comfort and alignment with your purpose. Have a purpose and know it. Speak truthfully and honestly about your feelings and emotions. Celebrate those of you who are struggling by lifting them up and giving as much as you can to your fellow human being. Be receptive to praise and honor but do not let it go to your head or make you drunk with desire for more of this gratification. Your happiness comes to you in the simplest of things. Live wisely as a steward here and you will begin to notice the truth of your of being.

Wise Investments

Posted on November 6, 2011 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The journey of self discovery is one that continues for a lifetime. For even when great masters achieve enlightenment, they continue to live and walk among us on the earth, working and bathing, crying and laughing. Nothing changes and yet, everything changes. You begin to invest wisely in the only "currency" that will never be devalued - LOVE.

Have you spoken to your angels today? Have you asked what messages they have for you? Listening and asking. These are two vital activities for anyone on a spiritual path. For when we ask, we receive and when we believe without doubt, we are given gifts that far surpass anything we could have imagined.

My journey started long ago when I began to question my own faith traditions. I wondered what it all meant, why we were all here and what was the point of living then dying. Legacies seemed to be what was left when a person died and it had to be something great or it would be quickly forgotten. What I have come to understand as the truth is quite simple. The memorials that humans create to honor and remember are subject to the whims of the physical world. Statues and graves, memorabelia all will in time be worn out and forgotten. But the beauty that we give and bestow upon others, the light that we shine in the darkness, the kindness we show to a person lives on in eternity. These memorials are the permanent, indestructible investments based on love that continue to bless us in this life and the ones to follow.

Be sure to spend your energy on laying up stores of good works, with a grateful heart full of love. Give of yourself in this way so that when you leave this place, you will be assured a smooth and comfortable transition. All that you say, do and think matters greatly. Remember this and be thankful. Co-create something beautiful today! And if you don't know how, start talking to your angels. They know exactly what to do.

Let it Be

Posted on August 16, 2011 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (1)


You know that you're going to have a rough day when it starts out with a flood in the basement.  That was my Sunday morning this week.  Our sump pump failed and with the extraordinary amount of rain we've been getting, it overwhelmed the basement.  So what I thought was going to be a relaxing do-nothing kind of day turned into hours of water clean-up.

As I was sucking up the water with my wet dry vac, it started sputtering and smoking.  I thought - Mercury Retrograde - or did my sour mood attract even more unfortunate events into my experience?

It's kind of like wondering what you're supposed to do with a basket full of half rotting peaches. You either throw them out or clean them up and make a pie.  I made a pie.  And it wasn't half bad.

This all lead me to the understanding that I could either be really angry or take this opportunity to clean out some unwanted clutter and organize my basement.  I let the flood be.  I let the smoking wet/dry vac be.  And in the process I let myself Be. 

When I let it be, I let whatever decides to come my way take me to my next activity.  In this case, my basement got a really good cleaning (which it desperately needed) and I got to haul off a bunch of unwanted clutter to Goodwill thus making my basement  office environment one I can truly enjoy.

So a little prompting from the Universe and now, I'm sitting in a dry, clean basement typing this to you so that you can take the next crazy thing the Universe serves up with a nod and the question:  how can I make this work for me?  Then follow your inspiriation and watch what happens!


Be a peacemaker!!




Learn from the Young ones - Wake Up!!

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 10:59 AM Comments comments (0)

Monday I took my 88 year old mom to the doctor to have her blood pressure checked. Thank God, she's got a clean bill of health so there will be more stories, more laughs and more lasagna for years to come, God Willing.




As we sat in the waiting room, I picked up an issue of Rolling Stone magazine and found the interview with Lady Gaga to be a real pleasure to read. Say what you will about her outlandish costumes, she is passionate about life and I applaud her authenticity. Her fans are dedicated. She cherishes their gifts, wears the clothes and accessories they send her, and calls them her "little monsters."



Here's what I learned from Gaga:


Be who you are!

Love your parents and your family

Work as hard as you wish to satisfy your passion

Surround yourself with what inspires you

Cherish your fans and supporters


There is much to be learned from younger generations. Instead of judging them, or labeling them, or even trying to understand them, let us listen to them, watch them and celebrate their dawning awareness. Our future is in their eyes and in their hearts. It is full of creativity, good and love. There is movement within our Indigo Children to create a world that is without fear or judgement, that celebrates our uniqueness and gives life to dreams without questioning the possibilies - knowing that all is possible.


As so many young people graduate from high school and college now, let's give them a silent nod, knowing that we can trust in them to create a new world of love, peace and oneness.




Channeled message from Norse god

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 8:19 AM Comments comments (0)

Please go to

for this amazing post!

Communication from Channeled Being "Ashtar"

Posted on April 8, 2011 at 10:03 PM Comments comments (0)

This was the channeled communication the day before our show of 3/30/11 - With love, Rita


ME: What do you wish to communicate to me today?

Light and Love, blessings to you Dear Rita.

I am the Ashtar one who has come to you on the previous night a week ago for your time.

Your sense of purpose is being taken to a new height now. This is all part of the plan. You have been selected from among many to be a pure spirit of light and love to transmit messages from our council.

The council of elders in a round table discussion has urged humanity to take the next step in its evolution. We are here as observers and are now ready to commence with the tell-all secrets to unlocking your hidden potential.

You see all around you is chaos, death, destruction and famines and wars. All of this is good because it is heralding in a new age of compassion and love. Those who seek this truth, who understand the finer elements of life consider this to be a most spectacular time. Those who are still in the dark, cannot comprehend the changes that are about to take place and it is with great urgency that we bid you to follow us and allow us into your world for the purpose of enlightening you and giving you exercises to speed up the process of becoming the next version of yourself.

All throughout time and history there have been prophets, martyrs, beholden ones who proclaim important news. Some understand when they hear it and they follow and become like the sun, shining on others to illuminate their path. Some who hear these words will not understand and it will be as a foolish child tinkering in the world of imagination to them. They will not comprehend the importance and the reality of which I speak to you today. I and the others in this counsel are hereby notifying you that you have the next two years to understand and assimilate these teachings in to your heart. For it is with the coming of Christ (Christ Consciousness), the second coming it has been called in your scriptures that all will be given an opportunity to wake up from the dream, to be made magnificent in spirit and therefore in body. All who participate and wish to engage in this growth period are welcome. None are excluded. Those who do not understand and therefore who will persecute you or chide you for these words will also be welcome, however they will self-select themselves for another round of duty here in learning to understand the divine and learning how to incorporate that part of you into the whole being.

For you see, you are both divine and human. This duality is present in everything in your world. Our world is no different except that we have far surpassed the level of understanding at which you currently find yourself. Our learning has progressed eons beyond where you are now and this is not to say that we are superior, far from the truth, we are actually the same as you , just on a different path so to speak. So we are here to mentor and usher you into this new age that is awakening here on Planet Earth. The Earth mother‘s energy is growing weary of the constant struggles that are evident upon her surface. She longs once more to have a peaceful and stable reign over the air and waters. She is in control, but she is thwarted by humanity’s need to control her and her resources. All of the beautiful energy that you need is available from Mother Earth in the ways that you will be discovering in the next few decades. Because there is now a crisis, there will be motivation to learn how to create energy in a non-violent, non-abusive way. You will be given more instructions, your scientist and citizens will take up causes and learn because they desire to learn. There is now a great momentum to become healthy and responsible stewards of mother’s resources. This is all again in the plan for you to understand the importance of your role here. So please do not worry when we say that you are in for a bumpy ride. All great changes involve stretching and pulling, growth can hurt sometimes, but there is always a rainbow at the end and there is a new understanding dawning that will be your saving grace. All of you are privileged to be here at this momentous time in your developmental history. For this is the passing away of one age and the beginning of a new one. All of this in conjunction with the teachings of those who have come before, it is synchronistic and planned by the great creator to happen in this time period. So to those of you up for the challenges that lay ahead, we say Congratulations! And Welcome! Our tutelage is now beginning and we will assist you in so many ways. Please be open and clear of any fears, detoxified of any harmful substances and clear with intention to be of service to yourself, humanity and the natural world. All of these are prerequisites for becoming a worker along side of us.

ME: Can you please tell me or describe for me who or what you are?

I am Ashtar of the High command. My position in this universe is to assemble light beings from various realms and to help usher in new entrants to the next dimension of reality. You are standing there on the cusp. Almost there, but not quite, Like a baby in the 2nd trimester. You are not out of the woods yet!

I along with my fellow inhabitants of the universe are waiting to make ourselves known to you for the purpose of alignment with purpose, soul contracts and favored blessings from the creator to bring new life and love and vitality to the human race.

So you see, I speak for many and I am just one of hundreds of others like me who are working in various rays and different structures to promote the configuration of energy to ignite the fires of your hearts, for good and holy purposes.

I am one of many like me and there are ones like me in other species also helping the entire world to promote self growth and discovery. New ages are dawning in all worlds now. You are part of the puzzle, but not the only ones.

ME: Are you going to be available to speak through me to people on the radio?

Yes and no, for you are the star! And there is only so much that people will tolerate when they think someone is receiving divine guidance. There is a fine line to walk politically speaking so that you can attract the most listeners and recruit others to follow their hearts, not their heads. I am available to you to answer questions and will do so to the best of my ability. As a star person, I am among others of various races, origins and species. I live together in harmony with many varied beings. I can access all of that knowledge for you and often times, I will invite in my own “Guest speakers” so that you can

interview them. I will be like you, like a host bringing various expertise to your audience. Again this is for the purpose of learning and discovering who you truly are and without a doubt making the transition to peaceful living in a world that loves and does not hate any longer. No more time for this you must rest. Go now and allow me to come into your show tomorrow. I will be there!

ME: Thank you so much!!

Be on the lookout for LOVE

Posted on November 12, 2010 at 9:27 AM Comments comments (0)

Every time we speak to you we do it using the channel of LOVE energy which is the greatest of all powers in the universe.  It is the stuff from which all things are made.  You cannot create without it and you cannot live without it.  We don't mean romantic love, we mean, real honest, guard-down, soul-embracing love.  That love which as has been said surpasses all understaning and comprehension.  It is so beautiful to be with you here today, Rita. As my favorite person, the one I am around most, I want you to know how beautifully you are handling these tasks we have set before you.  We have not given you yet this commendation because it is implied and mostly understood by your soul that this is what you are are here to do, however as your guardian angel, I wish to express my deepest pride and admiration for the ease with which you have adapted to your new phase of life.  Remember Rita there is only love and it is guiding all that you do. When you put this first in front of all else, it makes the way smoother and easier.  Put love into your business and into your thoughts and into your family and into your callers and into your clients and into your website, basically put love into all of it.  You are such a beautiful and divine child dear, we love you and guide you continually.  thankful for your part that you play.  So do not be discouraged as we are always at your side and your back and underneath of you and above you, surrounding you on all sides; we love to hear your laughter to shake your hand when you shake anothers hand , we exist within you and inhabit your body from time to time and you are doing a wonderful job of keeping up to speed on health issues.  We caution you against too much sugar and sweets, but you know this.  Dear child keep doing what you are doing. The world needs more love.  just keep pumping your heart love out to the world sweetie!  we love you!

Inspiration is Transformation

Posted on August 1, 2010 at 4:04 PM Comments comments (0)


In the pictures I just posted today, you'll see photographs of three paintings I recently completed.  The first one to rise from nothingness was the Peaceful Mountain, then Honoring the Day, then the Cosmic Heart.  The first time I unwrapped a canvas, broke the seal on a new tube of paint and dipped my paintbrush into the water, I felt frozen.  I had been in this state for quite a while; years upon years have gone by without me so much as touching an artists brush.  Finally, with one stroke of blue, I ended that long period of time when my fears kept me imprisoned in my own cell, unable to express myself artistically or otherwise.


By opening up that tube of paint and boldly initiating a stroke on blank canvas, I began what has become for me a new time in my life.  Finally, I have been freed from the ridiculous fears that have kept me from expressing myself fully for so long. 


As I thought about what I would paint, I waited for an image to come to my mind.  Nature draws me in like nothing else, and so I allowed myself the freedom to paint lanscapes which give me a feeling of peacefulness.  The fact that I was painting also awakened in me a desire to be uninhibited and to be carefree in the use of color and shape.  That was when the heart emerged and I remembered Diana Cooper's CD in which a song about the cosmic heart and the gold, silver and violet flame started replaying almost begging to be painted.


I think the angels are leading me toward my next steps and even though sometimes I still wonder what that future will look like, I know that I'm on the right path and my heart is overflowing with joy at being able to see and create art that will hopefully inspire others to pick up their favorite medium and begin creating expressions of love, peace and healing.


all my love