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The Silence of the Trees

Posted on March 30, 2014 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We recently had to take down a tree on our front yard that had dropped a huge limb, taking out the power to the house on the coldest day of the year and barely missing crashing through the roof.  It was a wake up call to finally take the action we knew had to be taken.

While the tree service was quoting the removal of that tree, we asked about trimming back branches from another beautiful tree that was right in front of our house.  It is the tree that defines our house and makes it special.  We agreed that this tree, which also had dropped limbs on the roof in the past, was in need of pruning to insure the safety of the house.  

When the day arrived to have the work done, and I returned home to see that the bigger tree had been completely removed down to a stump, I was sad and had asked that the tree spirit forgive us for this decision.  What I was about to hear from the tree expert regarding my "favorite" tree though was beyond comprehension.  As they climbed up to perform the pruning, they discovered that the large trunk was hollow and that the structural integrity of the entire tree was in jeopardy.  They recommended that it be completely removed.  I was heartbroken.  

I cried constantly and tried to think of ways we could justify keeping it, but the fact remained that the way it was leaning, with the hollow trunk, it was only a matter of time before a heavy wind would push it too hard and it would smash into the second story of the house, right into my bedroom.  So we agreed to have it removed.

The men did the deed on a Friday while I was at work.  I asked that they save me a piece of it so I could keep it to remember this lovely Maple that graced our yard since we moved in 18 years ago.  I can't even convey the shock and horror I felt when I arrived home to see it gone, nothing but a stump.  The house didn't even look like "our" house anymore, the empty space was overwhelming.  But the worst realization came on Saturday morning.  You see, there were many creatures who made a home in that tree and every morning I would look forward to waking up to the variety of birdsongs issuing from just outside my bedroom window.  That morning, I heard a bird, but it seemed miles away.  The silence of that missing tree was deafening.  I cried again and again at the loss of this beautiful being that was our friend for so long and home to so many others.

On that Friday morning before I left for work, as I hugged and cried into the tree how sorry I was to have to see it taken down and I begged for it to forgive me, I felt it say to me, "It's okay.  You can let me go"  Even as it awaited its eventual downfall, it gave me that last bit of grace to alleviate my suffering.  I will always honor and love the tree that was and will forever be grateful to it for the love it gave me.  And the log that I have will be placed in my garden as a memorial to it.  

We planted three more trees out front last Autumn.  I pray that God will protect them and allow them to grow tall and become a home for our sweet birds again.  It will take time, and I will live in the silence until then, remembering the beauty that was my tree.

An Amazing Realization

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Friday, March 21, 2014


First day of Spring! Finally!! Yay!!

I can see the green coming up for my bulbs out front and the wet smell of rain soaked earth is full of vigor and life! Praise be to God for the glory all around us!


When I awoke this morning, I felt sluggish and slow. But as my body warms to the familiar movement of my muscles and I dress to begin my day, the weariness gives way to energy and joy, for even on this day as I struggle drunk with slumber to place my feet into my slippers, I am happy!

Today is a gift from Father God and I am blessed!

I will remember all that must be remembered today and I will find more time in my day than I realized I had. My body is a blessing and gives me such joy in the easy way it moves me from place to place.


Even in my heart, I am light and free, for I have made the connection with my Divinity and I am living in the harmony of that reality where all needs are met, all desires are granted, and all love is pervasive in my experiences.


By vibrating higher I cast doubt on lack, illness and suffering. By my own free will and the grace of God I am free of the illusion of Man. I have finally transcended Maya, the false reality, and am living in heaven on earth.


Joined together with my angels and guides and given audience with the Masters, I am a vehicle for Divine interpretation of earthly life. My mission is to speak this truth and to lovingly console those who have yet to reach the border of crossing over into the 5th dimension of reality.


It is being inspired in me by the great minds and hearts of God that live in countless teachers and gurus and prophets and miracle workers. It is given to me by the saints and sages, the Masters of human reality who know the secret understanding and who open the door to those who are capable of understanding.


I have been shown, given experiences to build my faith and now as Joseph Campbell said, "I have not faith, but experience" to fall back upon. Once Faith was there for me when the validations were few, but now the truth is all around and I know who I Am! A Divine Being, Child of God, Heir to my Throne! I Accept!

Harmonic Healing for Yourself and the Planet

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)


Harmonic means all are tuned to a level where there is no distortion. Our world has a sound. That sound resonates outside of our planet and into the Universe. It bumps up against other sounds and even though the experts say that space does not carry sound because there is no air, this sound is not audible. It is felt with the body. Earth's body has a tone. Each of us contributes to the making of that sound. Just as each place has its own unique soundscape, so too does our world. And we individually have a frequency, a vibration, and a tone.

When we are vibrating at our best level, we are in harmony within ourselves and when we individually are expressing our unique talents, being who we are, loving what we love, doing actions that support that love, we can't help but feel positive, uplifted and happy. Joy arises spontaneously and it feeds the hungry world which still is off balance, discordant, and wobbly in its tone. Each person who vibrates love in themselves helps the others around them to do the same. We as a group are in this work together and it starts individually in secret inside of your heart, mind and body. It starts with you, knowing there is a purpose and a reason for being here on earth. Every person is important, valued and loved. Each life is intricately woven in with other lives. The responsibility for your happiness rests with you being able to take over the reins of your self and, with the help of benevolent invisible allies, recreate yourself in the image and likeness of God, a divine being, powerful, eternal, loved, supported, good, wise , sure, abundantly blessed. Harmonic Healing is the angels' way of doing their part to awaken you to your own personal truth.

Whatever is true to you is the truth. It may be different from another's truth, but that doesn't really matter. After all, we are half human, and like Mr. Spock from Star Trek, we can choose which part of us to give more power to. We can focus on our human side when we compassionately listen and help others because we understand the hardships that come with being a human. As a human, we are mortal. We make mistakes in judgment. We allow fear to rule our lives. We run from the pain and numb ourselves to difficult experiences.

What if we were to cultivate an understanding of our divinity, the other half of us, the one that goes on after the body dies? We do live forever in spirit and we have access to information, understanding and infinite resources. If we knew this and practiced allowing that side of ourselves to be dominant, we would believe without seeing, we would know without proof, we would trust without validation and we would live free to explore ourselves in a deeper more meaningful way. The world around us opens up as a place of wonder and mystery and beauty, teeming with life. We grow into oneness thinking and begin to realize the connectedness of all things and how our actions affect the whole. We become activists for causes, we help others, the serendipity flows and we are blessed as we create channels for Divine energy and light to flow. We allow ourselves to be conduits of God, allowing that powerful Love to transform ourselves, our families, friends, careers, interests, talents, activities and relationships. It literally flows like water, refreshing and invigorating every aspect of our lives. You begin to see a side of life you have never seen before and it is good. It is creation, simply put. You and I are creators, image and likeness...We do some and the Universe does the rest. What do you want to create for yourself? For the world? Are you ready to let go of old beliefs? Old thinking? The angels tune us little by little to this knowledge and we must do a great deal of work, but it is worth the effort and quite enjoyable.


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Two days ago, on Monday, January 6th, the temperature here in New Jersey plummeted to 4 degrees and the winds howled.  At around 8:30pm, a huge branch snapped off one of our trees and took down the main power line to our house.  It sounded like an explosion and then everything went dark.  We quickly ascertained the problem then contacted the electric utility who came and restored power for the night.  However, the wires still need to be re-attached to the house and the debris from the tree needs to be cleared.  

The next morning, I bundled up to venture out to see in the light of day if the house was damaged at all by the falling branch.  As I stood looking up in the bitterly cold morning at the peak of my roof, a huge bald eagle soared over!  I couldn't believe it!  I had never seen a bald eagle flying around these parts, but there it was with its huge black wings, white head and tail feathers, circling around my house.  It was a moment I felt that was given to me as a sign.  Just as I always do when I encounter an animal in an unexpected way, I looked up the eagle totem.  

This description is from one of my favorite sources for animal totem information,

Eagle: Spirit, Healing, Creation


The appearance of an Eagle signifies a new beginning is coming soon. Whether it is a positive beginning or not depends on the energy you are putting out. The law of attraction states that what you give out, you receive. If you want good to come to you, put out good and positive thoughts. Eagle will help by bringing the opportunities to you. This new beginning could be a spiritual awakening. Eagle is a demanding totem, but one that offers so much reward at the end of the journey. Its four-toed feet remind you to stay grounded even when soaring high; its talons remind you to grasp the things of the earth; its sharp beak shows you when to speak, how much, and how strongly. This totem will show you opportunities and how to ride the winds to your benefit. Eagle people can live in the realm of the spirit yet still remain connected and balanced within the realm of the Earth. You must become much more than you ever dreamed possible.

I took it as a sign to keep moving toward a feeling of freedom of expression of who I am and to dispense with the fears, especially of the unknown.  Thank you, Eagle for this gift of freedom!

Open Each "Present" with Gratitude

Posted on December 12, 2013 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The Angels and Ascended Beings who channel through me have made it clear, that prior to any activity we should be in a state of gratitude.  This applies not only to eating a meal, where we have been trained from a young age to give thanks or grace before meals, but also to any and every activity you engage in throughout the day.  When you look at your alarm clock with your sleep-filled eyes, mind still in dreamland, just before you hit that snooze button, think "Thank You!" , for you have once again made it through a night, through a sleep cycle and into the light of yet another day.

When we open presents on Christmas Morning, we are excited and filled with curiosity to wonder what could be waiting for us inside that beautiful packaging.  If we were to extend our hand and say Thank You!  before opening the present and then allowing the gift to reveal itself, would not this be more appropriate than judging the present after it has been seen and offering thanks only after it has revealed itself?

We are on a quest for knowledge here, and wisdom is the present.  Why not with every breath say thank you before inhaling?  This is not what we are recommending you do as most people would say, that is impossible to give that much thought to a process which occurs automatically without thinking.  However, you can say, as my friend Michael Gross often says, "Thank you for this breath" and with that, he is thankful for the opportunity to breathe in fresh air.

Starting with gratitude makes clear the path for good to flow endlessly and easily to you.  Make it part of your practice.  This morning, I picked up my crystals, the ones I use when I do spiritual work such as channeling or psychic communication for another and I held them in my hands and thanked them for being such wonderful crystals.  They are what make me feel connected, grounded, elevated, and supported when I do this work.  So it is appropriate to give them thanks and praise.  I thanked them and then gave them a gift of my love, from my heart, for them to use as they wish.  I felt the appreciation.  

Do this now, and continue to be thankful throughout this day, before receiving, always, and see what a difference it will make.

In peace,


Everything Flowers

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While picking up this morning, attempting to de-clutter our home, which seems to be an ongoing, never ending exercise in decision making - what to do with this, where to put that - I came across some books that one of my cleaning clients gave to my team.  Bonnie is cleaning out some of her clutter and puts all kinds of things on the kitchen table so that when Ivy League Cleaning arrives, we can pick through and take whatever we like.  It's one of those nice little bonuses that comes with having such wonderful clients.  Aida, one of our team-members, selected a couple of fairy books and she forgot to take them home with her, so I took them inside with a few other items left in the car and am holding them for when I see her again.

I took a moment this morning to look at these books.  They contain beautifully detailed artwork and lovely little poems about flower fairies.  Each illustration shows a different flower and its fairy and they are simply beautiful.  The artist and poet is Cicely Mary Barker and the book is Flower Fairies of the Winter.

I was intrigued the minute I saw the title.  I thought flowers in winter?  What I didn't realize is that the creator of this book sees the blossoms and fruit of trees, shrubs and vines all as flowers.  Each fairy resembles the flower of the plant in such a whimsical way, it made me smile and realize that this woman was most likely so tuned into the fairy world that they sprang to life the moment she set down to sketch.  

In this case, the term Flower includes what we normally lable as "weeds", which I feel got a bad reputation after hearing my mother talk about how grandmom used to go out and pick various plants (weeds) that grew wild and brew home spun remedies for just about any ailment.  Yes, those bothersome invaders in our lawns are actually quite beneficial for us humans.

Think about it.  Everything flowers.  Trees produce flowers that can take the shape of cones, balls, winged flyers, nuts,  tufts of fluff and shrubs make flowers and berries.  Grasses even flower making a variety of stickers and beads, sprays and fans.  So when I let my herb garden go without pinching back the plant in any way, they make beautiful little tiny flowers that the bees just love to obsess over.  

Everything flowers.  That means we too flower.  In our season, according to our unique programming, under the right conditions, we flower.  Many of us pinch back the growth thinking that we'll be more productive that way or that we won't "go to seed" too early in our process of growing.  

I'm done pinching back the flower that wants to come from my heart.  Left untrimmed, allowed to grow as I will, I will continue to become wilder, freer and push beyond my garden wall.  When I flower, others will find me from my scent.  They will know the sweetness of my nectar and they will enjoy it and use it for their own growth and productivity.  They will take what I offer and make it into something that nourishes them and they in turn will flower, feeding others whatever it is they uniquely came into this world to give.   

See what kind of blossom comes when you stop pinching yourself off from this process of life.  Sooner or later, when you bloom and offer your flower to the world, you know it will come time to go to seed and die.  And in the time that you were here, you will have spread your seed to the world!  What better rememberance of a person than to have enjoyed their sweetness and fullness - their flower of life.  Let yourself flower and see what becomes of you!!

A Message from The Father

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In our complicated lives, there are but few instances of sheer bliss, of the joys of human and divine connection so powerful it transports the consciousness to another dimension of feeling and emotion. When you are sitting still, powerfully accepting the graces of the universal love that flows in and through you, you give yourself the bath of light. In this bath of light there are certain specters. Willing shadows that leech out from within to find this light and to cleanse and purify themselves. For even though you may not know who these specters are or where they come from, when you bathe in the light, you allow them also to find their way to the light. Forgive me for being so cryptic in this explanation, for you are currently now in the basking stage, the afterglow of a bath and so you are feeling the burdens lifted and the cares torn away, washed away in the flow of love that surrounds and protects you. Your whole life is included, lived inside this bubble of light, for within you glows now and always, a perpetual sun. The Son or Sun of Man is this light that shines always for you and it is personified in various deities and people you have idolized throughout your history. One in particular is closer to you than another. It matters not which example of holiness you follow or pray to or for, it only matters that you recognize it within yourself also and that it is not the exclusive domain of the one or the few. So that you may know who you are you are given, direct knowledge.


Where are you in time and space? Is it like a map that you can see the red dot that is you and you can gain a perspective of the whole universe? Who are you? When will you be able to answer that question to your satisfaction? And likewise, when will the answer be what you expect or intend? There is no wrong answer. For within you lies the answers and the concepts of each and every possibility are there, too. They wait for you to discover them either through desire or through pain.

Be willing to negotiate with yourself, as there are many doors through which you may pass and there are opportunities galore! Your holiness is my holiness and I and Thee are One. Until such time as we can no longer distinguish ourselves, one from the other, may you know me as the Father, the one who animates all life here on Planet Earth. Given over to bouts of creativity, I recommend giving in also to these urges. For it is because of my desire to create and experience that I have created and experience you. You are my dream, my vision, my desire. Let me fulfill all of myself through you. Go out now and be that which you are, A Divine Being. And be it as a human being – full of life, feeling, sensing, acting, moving as only you can.  In You I AM fulfilled.


A Fresh Take on the Act Of Contrition

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Growing up, I was given the gift of a Catholic education.  I will always cherish and be thankful for the faith traditions that guided my early life.  As I grew and began to ask deeper questions, I found that my answers were coming from various sources.One of those sources is my own connection to my higher self, Spirit, if you wish to call it that, has been answering many of my questions and freely offering wisdom to me as I open up to receive in love.  This prayer was one of those precious gems I received that I'd like to share with all of you.  It truly reflects the basis of my beliefs that we are divinity cloaked in human form, tasked with using this human experience to allow Spirit, God, Universe, to bubble up through our humanity bringing into manifestation the Will of God through our experiences here.

Here is the original Act of Contrition that I prayed when I was a child:

O, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you. I detest all my sins because of your just punishment, but most of all because they offend you, my God, who are all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin.

Here is a rewriting of the Act of Contrition:

Oh my God, I am so sorry for having fogotten our divine connection.  I regret those times when I have forgotten you and your presence in my reality.  I am remembering now that you are my creator and that you have endowed me with rights and priviledges to which I am entiteld right now.  

I ask for your forgiveness for those times when I struggled alone, failing to remember to call upon you, to depend on you and to expect your help.  I fully resolve with the help of your grace, to embrace our Father-Child relationship and to implore your presence and power in my daily work and life.  I will and I promise to recognize and honor your Divinity within myself and others and to work towards spreading this knowledge to as many people as you will allow.  

Thank you for giving me a vessel to occupy, to interact with and to learn from in my physical body.  I appreciate having full use of all of its functions and I pray you will assist those of us who lack any of those naturally occuring functions of the body.  I ask your forgiveness for those times when I have not appreciated or cared for lovingly your gift to me, my body.

In return for this day of life that you have given me at this moment and to thank you for this day, I make an offering of all of my thoughts, words, actions, emotions and physical labors as my gifts back to you.  Please use me as you will today.  If there is something else besides what I have planned or unplanned for today that you would will for me today, please make it so.


About those energies.....

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About those energies,,,, yes, it's been a bit nutty lately. I've been oscillating back and forth between solemn unease to incredibly powerful creative bursts.

I actually started working a book called "The Artist's Way" which I bought years ago that a friend recently mentioned. I dug it back out and now I'm doing this exercise "morning pages" which allows the mind to dump whatever thoughts are circling around in there before doing any other activity each day. What is coming from it is venting, fears, anger, frustration, and now creative ideas, higher level thoughts, channeled messages and a feeling of anticipation.


The message that came through this morning as I thought about this question, "What's up with these energies lately?"   is pretty cool. I'm going to type it here for you verbatim, but the bottom line is this: the learning is completed. Congratulations! Your commencement party is over. Time to put away the funny hats and get busy doing what it is you are here to do. No more excuses. No more waiting. If you need training, go get it. If you need anything at all, go ask for it. The moon's energies are extremely powerful right now and it pulls up from Earth whatever you need to create your vision. Now's the time to take action and believe, without a doubt, with 100% of your being, that you are powerful, limitless, and responsible for your creations. You have a team of experts at your disposal who are here to insure success with your plan. Go and do! That's the energies that are making everyone a little antsy, a little egdy, a little more vocal. Oh, and go have your chakras opened, if you haven't done it in a while. I had mine done and what a difference!


Here's the message from this morning's "Morning Pages" I wrote:


The moon draws powerful energies, creative energies, from the earth to the heavens for manifestation of change and birth of new ideas. The earth is the incubator. It comes from within the body of Man, this earth that you occupy is the petri dish, the zone where creativity takes form. The womb for birthing divinity in form. So when the moon is strongest and at its fullest, these ideas and creative urges are borne forth into form. As you learn and grow into fully integrated whole beings, you will realize the potential, this cycle, and you will begin to put into practice the age old creative process of dream, sleep, act, hope and expect. Like when anything is pollinated, it begins the process of creation. Two separate things: a sperm and an egg, will remain forever dormant, separate, as individuals, until they merge and lose themselves in the process of creating something new. The sperm is no longer a sperm. the egg no longer an egg. both give up their identity to become one. An embryo, the entirely new form where growth and development are possible. So what you are feeling now is the letting go of the old form, the merging with the divine to create something entirely new, a Divine Being, who now has the power to create, at will whatever it imagines, whatever it holds in it's womb. Here in the earth, is the marriage of two forces, human and divine, the child of which is created and lives here on earth, so please create responsibly. Take hold of your thoughts, your wishes, your desires. Hold them up to the light of truth in your heart which will show you what portions of that dream are for you, and which portion of that dream is for the world. Because every creation has an effect on everything else here on earth, be it other people or plants or animals or ecosystems. Every action has an effect on someone or something other than the creator. This is where wisdom and guidance comes into play. As you dream and envision, as you wish to create for yourself, send it up for review and approval, funding and support, through your Higher Self. The Higher Self is the God part that is intimately connected with all that is and knows the divine plan for everything. So even if you are feeling like you have all the control and power, you can be reassured that there is a vast oversight to your work, such that any effects will be for the highest good of all affected parties. Like a special review board, your Higher Self, along with angels, guides, ascended masters and other advanced beings makes adjustments and attunes you to what you need so that you can pull it off. It is as easy as following protocols like anything else. Freedom comes when you realize that the Father's way, the Will of God, works for everyone's best interests. Rewards follow always.


Marriage - Are you tough enough?

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Marriage is not for the faint of heart. It requires much of those who are brave enough to venture into this union of hearts.  After celebrating 25 years of marriage, my perspective on falling in love, getting married, having a family and establishing a life together as a married couple has crystalized into the understanding that both partners have to really want to keep it going and the marriage will be asking you for "donations" from time to time.  A little here, a little there.  The key is to maintain who you are throughout all of this give and take.

The angels say that marriage is a lifelong link between two hearts, which fills both with a sense of completeness that helps to keep each partner grounded and yet able to soar.  Well, soaring to your heights can seem impossible if your partner doesn't share your same view of what that future should look like, and this is where marriage can fall flat.  Angelic wisdom tells me that it is okay to see yourself as an individual and to seek your own equilibrium when following your own star.  And there is room for everyone's happiness when you can consider that your partner also has dreams and that dream may be just to see that you are happy.  Along the way, there must be conversations about dreams and visions of futures along with a generous helping of compassion to keep the magic of the relationship alive and well.


Beyond commitment, beyond fidelity, intimacy and trust, there is the knowing that as you each grow older, you must stay very connected to each other. Intend to grow together. Be willing to let your partner be who they are without trying to change them or mold them to your desires. Talk constantly. Fight if you must to keep the communication going. Don't be silent. For when you are silently holding in resentments or questions, you are building the basis of alienation and stagnation.


You have to prod each other along the way. Keep dreams alive. Talk about them to each other. Envision your future as big and as bright as you can and lean on each other for support. Don't put your dreams on hold. Incorporate them into every decision you make. Invite him to share your dreams with you and go willingly into his. This is how to keep a marriage growing. It is no different than a garden. You have to keep up with it, or it gets "weedy".