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About those energies.....

Posted on June 30, 2013 at 10:30 AM

About those energies,,,, yes, it's been a bit nutty lately. I've been oscillating back and forth between solemn unease to incredibly powerful creative bursts.

I actually started working a book called "The Artist's Way" which I bought years ago that a friend recently mentioned. I dug it back out and now I'm doing this exercise "morning pages" which allows the mind to dump whatever thoughts are circling around in there before doing any other activity each day. What is coming from it is venting, fears, anger, frustration, and now creative ideas, higher level thoughts, channeled messages and a feeling of anticipation.


The message that came through this morning as I thought about this question, "What's up with these energies lately?"   is pretty cool. I'm going to type it here for you verbatim, but the bottom line is this: the learning is completed. Congratulations! Your commencement party is over. Time to put away the funny hats and get busy doing what it is you are here to do. No more excuses. No more waiting. If you need training, go get it. If you need anything at all, go ask for it. The moon's energies are extremely powerful right now and it pulls up from Earth whatever you need to create your vision. Now's the time to take action and believe, without a doubt, with 100% of your being, that you are powerful, limitless, and responsible for your creations. You have a team of experts at your disposal who are here to insure success with your plan. Go and do! That's the energies that are making everyone a little antsy, a little egdy, a little more vocal. Oh, and go have your chakras opened, if you haven't done it in a while. I had mine done and what a difference!


Here's the message from this morning's "Morning Pages" I wrote:


The moon draws powerful energies, creative energies, from the earth to the heavens for manifestation of change and birth of new ideas. The earth is the incubator. It comes from within the body of Man, this earth that you occupy is the petri dish, the zone where creativity takes form. The womb for birthing divinity in form. So when the moon is strongest and at its fullest, these ideas and creative urges are borne forth into form. As you learn and grow into fully integrated whole beings, you will realize the potential, this cycle, and you will begin to put into practice the age old creative process of dream, sleep, act, hope and expect. Like when anything is pollinated, it begins the process of creation. Two separate things: a sperm and an egg, will remain forever dormant, separate, as individuals, until they merge and lose themselves in the process of creating something new. The sperm is no longer a sperm. the egg no longer an egg. both give up their identity to become one. An embryo, the entirely new form where growth and development are possible. So what you are feeling now is the letting go of the old form, the merging with the divine to create something entirely new, a Divine Being, who now has the power to create, at will whatever it imagines, whatever it holds in it's womb. Here in the earth, is the marriage of two forces, human and divine, the child of which is created and lives here on earth, so please create responsibly. Take hold of your thoughts, your wishes, your desires. Hold them up to the light of truth in your heart which will show you what portions of that dream are for you, and which portion of that dream is for the world. Because every creation has an effect on everything else here on earth, be it other people or plants or animals or ecosystems. Every action has an effect on someone or something other than the creator. This is where wisdom and guidance comes into play. As you dream and envision, as you wish to create for yourself, send it up for review and approval, funding and support, through your Higher Self. The Higher Self is the God part that is intimately connected with all that is and knows the divine plan for everything. So even if you are feeling like you have all the control and power, you can be reassured that there is a vast oversight to your work, such that any effects will be for the highest good of all affected parties. Like a special review board, your Higher Self, along with angels, guides, ascended masters and other advanced beings makes adjustments and attunes you to what you need so that you can pull it off. It is as easy as following protocols like anything else. Freedom comes when you realize that the Father's way, the Will of God, works for everyone's best interests. Rewards follow always.


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