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A Message from The Father

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 3:30 PM


In our complicated lives, there are but few instances of sheer bliss, of the joys of human and divine connection so powerful it transports the consciousness to another dimension of feeling and emotion. When you are sitting still, powerfully accepting the graces of the universal love that flows in and through you, you give yourself the bath of light. In this bath of light there are certain specters. Willing shadows that leech out from within to find this light and to cleanse and purify themselves. For even though you may not know who these specters are or where they come from, when you bathe in the light, you allow them also to find their way to the light. Forgive me for being so cryptic in this explanation, for you are currently now in the basking stage, the afterglow of a bath and so you are feeling the burdens lifted and the cares torn away, washed away in the flow of love that surrounds and protects you. Your whole life is included, lived inside this bubble of light, for within you glows now and always, a perpetual sun. The Son or Sun of Man is this light that shines always for you and it is personified in various deities and people you have idolized throughout your history. One in particular is closer to you than another. It matters not which example of holiness you follow or pray to or for, it only matters that you recognize it within yourself also and that it is not the exclusive domain of the one or the few. So that you may know who you are you are given, direct knowledge.


Where are you in time and space? Is it like a map that you can see the red dot that is you and you can gain a perspective of the whole universe? Who are you? When will you be able to answer that question to your satisfaction? And likewise, when will the answer be what you expect or intend? There is no wrong answer. For within you lies the answers and the concepts of each and every possibility are there, too. They wait for you to discover them either through desire or through pain.

Be willing to negotiate with yourself, as there are many doors through which you may pass and there are opportunities galore! Your holiness is my holiness and I and Thee are One. Until such time as we can no longer distinguish ourselves, one from the other, may you know me as the Father, the one who animates all life here on Planet Earth. Given over to bouts of creativity, I recommend giving in also to these urges. For it is because of my desire to create and experience that I have created and experience you. You are my dream, my vision, my desire. Let me fulfill all of myself through you. Go out now and be that which you are, A Divine Being. And be it as a human being – full of life, feeling, sensing, acting, moving as only you can.  In You I AM fulfilled.


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