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Everything Flowers

Posted on October 21, 2013 at 7:45 AM

While picking up this morning, attempting to de-clutter our home, which seems to be an ongoing, never ending exercise in decision making - what to do with this, where to put that - I came across some books that one of my cleaning clients gave to my team.  Bonnie is cleaning out some of her clutter and puts all kinds of things on the kitchen table so that when Ivy League Cleaning arrives, we can pick through and take whatever we like.  It's one of those nice little bonuses that comes with having such wonderful clients.  Aida, one of our team-members, selected a couple of fairy books and she forgot to take them home with her, so I took them inside with a few other items left in the car and am holding them for when I see her again.

I took a moment this morning to look at these books.  They contain beautifully detailed artwork and lovely little poems about flower fairies.  Each illustration shows a different flower and its fairy and they are simply beautiful.  The artist and poet is Cicely Mary Barker and the book is Flower Fairies of the Winter.

I was intrigued the minute I saw the title.  I thought flowers in winter?  What I didn't realize is that the creator of this book sees the blossoms and fruit of trees, shrubs and vines all as flowers.  Each fairy resembles the flower of the plant in such a whimsical way, it made me smile and realize that this woman was most likely so tuned into the fairy world that they sprang to life the moment she set down to sketch.  

In this case, the term Flower includes what we normally lable as "weeds", which I feel got a bad reputation after hearing my mother talk about how grandmom used to go out and pick various plants (weeds) that grew wild and brew home spun remedies for just about any ailment.  Yes, those bothersome invaders in our lawns are actually quite beneficial for us humans.

Think about it.  Everything flowers.  Trees produce flowers that can take the shape of cones, balls, winged flyers, nuts,  tufts of fluff and shrubs make flowers and berries.  Grasses even flower making a variety of stickers and beads, sprays and fans.  So when I let my herb garden go without pinching back the plant in any way, they make beautiful little tiny flowers that the bees just love to obsess over.  

Everything flowers.  That means we too flower.  In our season, according to our unique programming, under the right conditions, we flower.  Many of us pinch back the growth thinking that we'll be more productive that way or that we won't "go to seed" too early in our process of growing.  

I'm done pinching back the flower that wants to come from my heart.  Left untrimmed, allowed to grow as I will, I will continue to become wilder, freer and push beyond my garden wall.  When I flower, others will find me from my scent.  They will know the sweetness of my nectar and they will enjoy it and use it for their own growth and productivity.  They will take what I offer and make it into something that nourishes them and they in turn will flower, feeding others whatever it is they uniquely came into this world to give.   

See what kind of blossom comes when you stop pinching yourself off from this process of life.  Sooner or later, when you bloom and offer your flower to the world, you know it will come time to go to seed and die.  And in the time that you were here, you will have spread your seed to the world!  What better rememberance of a person than to have enjoyed their sweetness and fullness - their flower of life.  Let yourself flower and see what becomes of you!!

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