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Open Each "Present" with Gratitude

Posted on December 12, 2013 at 8:40 AM

The Angels and Ascended Beings who channel through me have made it clear, that prior to any activity we should be in a state of gratitude.  This applies not only to eating a meal, where we have been trained from a young age to give thanks or grace before meals, but also to any and every activity you engage in throughout the day.  When you look at your alarm clock with your sleep-filled eyes, mind still in dreamland, just before you hit that snooze button, think "Thank You!" , for you have once again made it through a night, through a sleep cycle and into the light of yet another day.

When we open presents on Christmas Morning, we are excited and filled with curiosity to wonder what could be waiting for us inside that beautiful packaging.  If we were to extend our hand and say Thank You!  before opening the present and then allowing the gift to reveal itself, would not this be more appropriate than judging the present after it has been seen and offering thanks only after it has revealed itself?

We are on a quest for knowledge here, and wisdom is the present.  Why not with every breath say thank you before inhaling?  This is not what we are recommending you do as most people would say, that is impossible to give that much thought to a process which occurs automatically without thinking.  However, you can say, as my friend Michael Gross often says, "Thank you for this breath" and with that, he is thankful for the opportunity to breathe in fresh air.

Starting with gratitude makes clear the path for good to flow endlessly and easily to you.  Make it part of your practice.  This morning, I picked up my crystals, the ones I use when I do spiritual work such as channeling or psychic communication for another and I held them in my hands and thanked them for being such wonderful crystals.  They are what make me feel connected, grounded, elevated, and supported when I do this work.  So it is appropriate to give them thanks and praise.  I thanked them and then gave them a gift of my love, from my heart, for them to use as they wish.  I felt the appreciation.  

Do this now, and continue to be thankful throughout this day, before receiving, always, and see what a difference it will make.

In peace,


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