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Harmonic Healing for Yourself and the Planet

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 8:20 AM


Harmonic means all are tuned to a level where there is no distortion. Our world has a sound. That sound resonates outside of our planet and into the Universe. It bumps up against other sounds and even though the experts say that space does not carry sound because there is no air, this sound is not audible. It is felt with the body. Earth's body has a tone. Each of us contributes to the making of that sound. Just as each place has its own unique soundscape, so too does our world. And we individually have a frequency, a vibration, and a tone.

When we are vibrating at our best level, we are in harmony within ourselves and when we individually are expressing our unique talents, being who we are, loving what we love, doing actions that support that love, we can't help but feel positive, uplifted and happy. Joy arises spontaneously and it feeds the hungry world which still is off balance, discordant, and wobbly in its tone. Each person who vibrates love in themselves helps the others around them to do the same. We as a group are in this work together and it starts individually in secret inside of your heart, mind and body. It starts with you, knowing there is a purpose and a reason for being here on earth. Every person is important, valued and loved. Each life is intricately woven in with other lives. The responsibility for your happiness rests with you being able to take over the reins of your self and, with the help of benevolent invisible allies, recreate yourself in the image and likeness of God, a divine being, powerful, eternal, loved, supported, good, wise , sure, abundantly blessed. Harmonic Healing is the angels' way of doing their part to awaken you to your own personal truth.

Whatever is true to you is the truth. It may be different from another's truth, but that doesn't really matter. After all, we are half human, and like Mr. Spock from Star Trek, we can choose which part of us to give more power to. We can focus on our human side when we compassionately listen and help others because we understand the hardships that come with being a human. As a human, we are mortal. We make mistakes in judgment. We allow fear to rule our lives. We run from the pain and numb ourselves to difficult experiences.

What if we were to cultivate an understanding of our divinity, the other half of us, the one that goes on after the body dies? We do live forever in spirit and we have access to information, understanding and infinite resources. If we knew this and practiced allowing that side of ourselves to be dominant, we would believe without seeing, we would know without proof, we would trust without validation and we would live free to explore ourselves in a deeper more meaningful way. The world around us opens up as a place of wonder and mystery and beauty, teeming with life. We grow into oneness thinking and begin to realize the connectedness of all things and how our actions affect the whole. We become activists for causes, we help others, the serendipity flows and we are blessed as we create channels for Divine energy and light to flow. We allow ourselves to be conduits of God, allowing that powerful Love to transform ourselves, our families, friends, careers, interests, talents, activities and relationships. It literally flows like water, refreshing and invigorating every aspect of our lives. You begin to see a side of life you have never seen before and it is good. It is creation, simply put. You and I are creators, image and likeness...We do some and the Universe does the rest. What do you want to create for yourself? For the world? Are you ready to let go of old beliefs? Old thinking? The angels tune us little by little to this knowledge and we must do a great deal of work, but it is worth the effort and quite enjoyable.

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