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The Stage Upon Which You Stand

Posted on June 2, 2016 at 1:05 PM

If you are an actor, or ever wanted to be one, you'd know that when it is time to play a role that you would do some preparation work.  Perhaps you'd read your lines in the voice you want to use, or you might do some research into the character to get closer to the heart of the part you are playing.  You would probably have someone outfit you in the costume, hair and make up for the part and you'd rehearse and rehearse until you feel confident that you have embodied the character.

Well, here's some tips from our friends in the Spiritual realms.  We are always on stage.  The Universe puts us exactly where it needs us and it gives us roles to play.  I'm playing the role of writer at the moment and spiritual teacher, so I am tuning into the part of me that loves this role, that understands the motivation and that longs to see all people free from suffering and pain.  So as a writer, my job is to write as best I can and give you all that I have without anything holding me back.  I can't get hung up on whether or not I think I'm a good writer or judge the words that land on the page as I type.  I cannot imagine that I'm a cleaning lady who stopped for a moment all sweaty to sit down and write.  When I write, I'm a writer.  This is the role I'm playing now.

It changes, our roles, and we have to change with them.  With each new scene in a given day, we are all doing costume changes, checking ourselves for the right posture and using the language that is perfect for the role that next becomes our experience.

I think one of the most difficult roles to play is the role of parent.  We want so much to be friends with our children, to see them as rational adults and to pass over responsibility to them for all of the decisions that are made about their lives.  When they are young, it's easy.  Simply look at a 4 year old.  They do not have the capacity to decide what is best for them.  But what about a 17 or 18 year old.  What then?

There isn't much difference between someone who is 17 on one day, and the next 18.  No magic fairy dust has come down from heaven to make them into a fully functioning adult, and yet, that is the expectation.  As I contemplate the role of parent of an 18 year old, I feel a profound responsibility.  One that asks me to push myself harder than I ever have to be strong, smart and responsible.  When I feel that I have pushed that responsibility away because of its difficult nature, I start to feel the tug of responsibility and I remember, it's time to put away the fear and be someone who truly is looking out for her child's best interests, even if that means facing my own shortcomings.  I cannot judge myself for the things I did or didn't do or chastise myself, wishing I was a better parent.  I can take on the role and be the best parent I can be - according to my own definition.  

And so as I stand on this stage, I am nervous and I call upon my angels and guides to feed me the lines, to adjust my posture, to outfit me correctly and move me in the right direction.  I'm going to have to follow the director's instructions, and trust that I can perform.  The Angels always knwo what they are doing.  So this should be a piece of cake.  "Break a leg!!"

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