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Posted on September 6, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Procreation.  As defined by the dictionary, it means to "beget or bring forth offspring."  Most people consider the fertilized egg as a symbol of procreation.

On the radio show. my Guides kept coming back to this point about procreation.  Not as we use it in general to talk about producing children from a man and a woman, but in the language of Spirit, to Procreate means that you and the Divine are working together to beget or bring forth something that is a little bit of both of you.

If you can, try to imagine the 3-dimensional realm of physicality, the Earth and all who live upon it, are the womb of creation, the field that is to be planted for a later harvest. When you come upon a field that has not been prepared, what does it look like?  Usually overrun with weeds, littered with debris, possibly containing large rocks or stones that would need to be removed before the plow can dig up the earth, turn it over and become a fully prepared bed ready to sow.  There's probably more work that goes into the preparation than the actual planting, tending and harvesting.

In order to successfully Procreate with the Divine, meaning, in order to have our desires, dreams or visualizations manifest in this 3-D world, we must prepare for seeding.  The work we do as spiritual students and seekers is the same as going over the fallow field with a rake and a shovel, digging up fears, phobias and anxieties.  Raking away the dead material of our past, the beliefs that used to make sense to us at some time but have now become something we can turn over and use to fertilize a new beginning, something that makes sense to us now.

Start today preparing your field so that you and the Divine can procreate something beautiful!  Ask your angels for help and listen to the gentle urging inside your heart.  If it feels good and you're excited, you can be assured you're doing it right!  With love and appreication for your creations!!



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