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My "Day After" post-election fear spill

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 5:50 PM


I have to process my feelings about the election results. As a psychic, I use my abilities to connect for others to their guides and angels to answer questions and to provide guidance. About a week and a half ago, I “saw” in my psychic sight DT standing at the presidential podium; hand on bible, taking the oath of office. My stomach tightened and I quickly said “cancel, cancel, delete!” which is what I do whenever I say something or think something I do not want to come into being. Too late. It was there. In spite of the optimism about HRC and my feeling that the energy of change was about moving closer to unity and a coming together in harmony, even her slogan “Love Trumps Hate” felt true and real to me as I have always believed that Love conquers Hate and that Fear is the realm and expertise of what some may call The Devil, but which I call lower vibrating energy that poisons hope, and imprisons the soul.


As my energy body took the beating last night, I experienced nausea, trembling, and diarrhea but I tried to go to sleep before learning the final results. To calm myself, I imagined the color blue, the color of the Archangel Michael which eradicates fear and I pictured HRC smiling with a late night victory. Then my energy body would vibrate again fear, anxiety, a flood of memories of my days when I was a college student learning history, learning about governments, doing detailed research on revolutions and insurrections in various parts of the world. Suddenly my education, my knowledge of these things became a burden because I could “see” the similarities between what happened last night and what happened in so many other instances in our World history. It is terrifying to think of this beautiful nation going through another civil war.


I don’t want to allow the flood of images and feelings that are coming into me now to have any time to sit in my awareness, but they are there. I’m still feeling the affect of this decision in every part of my body and it is the most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had. My mind races from one thing to the next, imagining the worst. Then the intuitive images start again, I don’t even want to give voice to them here hoping to not feed more energy into them, but the images are eerily reminiscent of dictatorial regimes. A perversion of justice, excesses of domestic military presence, the American people voluntarily turning over their liberties and freedoms to an extremely disturbing sociopath occupying the Oval Office. All of us thinking, this can’t happen in America. We have checks and balances. What if all the checks and balances were systematically voted or appointed into a singular direction, coerced and intimidated – as bullies do – into one way of thinking and being in this country.


Fresh air, clean water, a halt to production processes that deteriorate our living ecosystems, all of these are no longer valid when we make a fresh commitment to a dangerous, destructive, dying source of energy – coal. Say goodbye to protected natural areas. Nature is about to be raped out of existence. The Supreme Court leaning entirely in the direction of conservative values equals disaster for women on a massive scale. Women are chattel in this version of America, not equals, but simply here for the enjoyment and entertainment of men, not taken seriously in business or in politics, returned into service to men who can have their way with us as often as they choose. It’s every apocalyptic movie and TV show and video game we’ve ever been drawn into except it’s on the horizon – I can see it.


Yes, in this new reality, education is frowned upon and ignorance is bliss. The less you know about the world, our history, the markets, the politics of the world, the better it is for those who wish to feed you a story that benefits their power grab. In China, they rounded up all the civil rights lawyers and they started disappearing. In Hitler’s Germany, they burned the books so that the Third Reich could educate the younger generations to believe whatever they wanted them to believe. In DT’s America, who knows what will happen. This man is ____________ (fill it in with whatever you think of him) and he’s now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. God help us.


Here’s my prediction. Roe v. Wade overturned leading women backward into a time when decisions about our bodies are not our own. A further deterioration of the environment due to climate change denial and an absence of recognition of the impact of destructive processes on our health and well being, leading to increasing health care costs. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act leading to massive numbers of people without adequate coverage who must be treated in emergency rooms and hospitals at the expense of the rest of the population who pays for insurance through their employers resulting in staggering cost increases across the board to ordinary people. Market volatility around the world leading to downward pressure on stocks and futures markets with only the richest of the rich being able to capitalize on the down market leading to a crumbling of retirement nest eggs for millions of middle class people. With a Republican held Senate and House of Representatives nothing to stop the Republican agenda of extreme conservatism and restrictions on personal liberties. A resistance from the Left rising, then being crushed by an increasingly authoritarian Executive branch with full support from Congress, most of whom will have to do whatever they are told or risk being ostracized, marginalized and removed from power. A powerful class of extremely wealthy elites who simply desire to do what they please without regard for the welfare or lives of anyone who cannot get into that club. The gun owners, most of whom support this regime will become the local muscle, intimidating and forcing ordinary people to comply or risk being “dealt with” much as African Americans were forced to comply with the degradation of Jim Crow laws and found no justice for their pain and suffering when inflicted upon them by white supremacists. Ordinary people will have to find a way to fight this machine of aggressive over-reaching authoritarian rule or risk being exterminated. Entering an age of competing ideologies, a fractured electorate, and led by a man who literally turns the stomach with his disgusting habits of speech and conduct. What more can be said of the American people but that we are merely sheep being led into a new Dark Age. I think it’s time to build bomb shelters, gather up the books, some survival supplies and go underground. The Apocalypse has officially arrived.


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