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Posted on May 17, 2017 at 8:10 PM

Being Open lets in, does not restrict. It welcomes. Open signs in windows alert us to go inside, to peek, to explore. Openness in a room creates a feeling of joy, with room to breathe and circulate, mingling and dancing.

Be Open now. Chant for yourself the sound of Ahhh and allow your body to open through the voice, through sound. Begin the day with awakening the body, opening the eyes, opening the mouth to breathe deeply. Open.

Open the heart. Through deep, prayerful meditation, empathize with all. See with your mind's eye the heart as a vast oasis of Love, teeming with energy and light that spills out upon opening, touching, healing and cleansing all. Open.

Open the mind. Let the thoughts that run rampant stream across the mind like a stampede over an open field and then let the mind become aware of the space within the open field. Allow and invite all creative imaginings to meander across the field of your mind and entertain those images with child-like wonder and amazement. What if?

Open the Peace. Let the world begin to give you the Peace it has at its core. The world revolves because of Peace, that breath of tranquility at the heart of matter and energy, of movement and light. All life has its meaning in a state of Peaceful Joy. Open to Peace.

Above all, open your arms, that you may receive those who wish to embrace you and whom you wish to hold, to bring closer to your heart. Open your life to Joy, to Love and to Peace in all ways. Be Open to us, your Angels!


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