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An Amazing Realization

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Friday, March 21, 2014


First day of Spring! Finally!! Yay!!

I can see the green coming up for my bulbs out front and the wet smell of rain soaked earth is full of vigor and life! Praise be to God for the glory all around us!


When I awoke this morning, I felt sluggish and slow. But as my body warms to the familiar movement of my muscles and I dress to begin my day, the weariness gives way to energy and joy, for even on this day as I struggle drunk with slumber to place my feet into my slippers, I am happy!

Today is a gift from Father God and I am blessed!

I will remember all that must be remembered today and I will find more time in my day than I realized I had. My body is a blessing and gives me such joy in the easy way it moves me from place to place.


Even in my heart, I am light and free, for I have made the connection with my Divinity and I am living in the harmony of that reality where all needs are met, all desires are granted, and all love is pervasive in my experiences.


By vibrating higher I cast doubt on lack, illness and suffering. By my own free will and the grace of God I am free of the illusion of Man. I have finally transcended Maya, the false reality, and am living in heaven on earth.


Joined together with my angels and guides and given audience with the Masters, I am a vehicle for Divine interpretation of earthly life. My mission is to speak this truth and to lovingly console those who have yet to reach the border of crossing over into the 5th dimension of reality.


It is being inspired in me by the great minds and hearts of God that live in countless teachers and gurus and prophets and miracle workers. It is given to me by the saints and sages, the Masters of human reality who know the secret understanding and who open the door to those who are capable of understanding.


I have been shown, given experiences to build my faith and now as Joseph Campbell said, "I have not faith, but experience" to fall back upon. Once Faith was there for me when the validations were few, but now the truth is all around and I know who I Am! A Divine Being, Child of God, Heir to my Throne! I Accept!

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