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Posted on January 21, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Complaints sometimes can be a trigger to feel inadequate, but I prefer to look at them as the best form of communication.  In a complaint, you find out what is most important to someone.  By complaining we can get some relief.  We get heard and hopefully understood.  Don't ever take a complaint personally.  They are not directing their concerns at you, but at the situation or result.  

When we hear of a complaint, we address it head on and do our best to answer it, correct it and move forward with greater understanding.  It's a blessing to have the kind of relationship where this kind of communication is possible.  Without compliants we can't truly serve our customers because if they are unhappy, we will not know and they will silently pull away from us.

There is give and take also.  Setting expectations and living up to them is the foundation of trust.  When a customer's expectations are not clear at first, it can lead to complaints.  And sometimes their expectations are unrealistic or unachievable.  It is up to us to recognize that and explain or educate them as to what is possible.  And then sometimes, there is just a basic disconnect, personalities that clash.  It is best to end those relationships and chalk it up to experience.

Our lives are filled with relationships and interactions.  Sometimes we are the customer.  Think about the times you have experienced a service or product that was less than you expected.  Did you complain?  Did you get satisfaction?  Did you not complain, but just try a different servcie?  The best thing we can do for any business whether it's selling a product or a service is to provide feedback.  Because if they truly care and want to stay in business, they will learn from your dissatisfaction and they will overtime improve continuously and stay successful.

Now, apply this to your personal relationships.  Think about it.  Communication is key.  Expectations are the foundation of trust.  Satisfaction matters.

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