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No Body Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Posted on May 18, 2015 at 9:20 PM

No body knows what you've been through.  No one can relate to what it's like to be inside your head, in your body, experiencing life as YOU.  No one but you knows this, and yet, there are the very real presences around you who can energetically sense and feel what it is like to be you going through what you're going through.

Sounds nuts, doesn't it?  Well, this is what I've learned:

You get to experience life through the filter that is YOU.  Your body, your mind, personality, conditions, experiences are what make up the filter that  is You and it is also affected or rather formed by conditions, fears and experiences passed along to you from your ancestors.  These ancestors who were alive before you and whose DNA and genes you carry with you gave you more than your curly hair and brown eyes. They gave you a heavy dose of whatever it is that they carried around inside their energy bodies as well.  

The Angels say, "We work with you to clear and cleanse away residual fears, some that you created and others that you have inherited.  The layers that build up around and in you are made up of many different influences and we can tell you that there are wonderful ways to reduce the clutter and baggage of the past."   One of the ways to clean yourself of these residual energies is to practice going into a meditation and imagine that you are floating backward in time, meeting your grandparents, great grandparents and so on into the past and with each ancestor you meet, you provide them with a blessing and an attunement to Archangel Raphael's healing green light.  Let these images provide powerful relief to your ancestors who need to feel the warmth of love surrounding them.  Let them feel the freedom that comes from recognizing fears and then healing them with loving kindness and forgiveness.  Keep at it until you feel that you have cleared your entire ancestral lineage.

Together with your spiritual support team, you can clear those fears that only the one who experienced them knows and with love and practice, you can keep your own energy clean and clear so that you can pass on only the strength and love and support you have grown in this present incarnation.  Keep the momentum going forward positive and full of loving kindness.

Remember not to judge anyone in this lifetime as only they know what they are going through.  Do not make presumptions or assume that you know how someone feels.  Empathize but don't patronize the ones you love.  Give them the gift of your love and hold a sacred clear and clean space for them to experience whatever it is that Life is giving them to experience.  In the great scheme of things, you are only truly responsible for your own journey anyway.

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