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Oh God, when you made me, what in the hell were you thinking?

Posted on January 4, 2016 at 9:40 PM

This came tumbling out of me at 4:30 this morning.  I'm embracing my personality as it strengthens to serve my soul purpose, so no excuses for this.  


I’m a handful. I always have been. I love myself and who I am so I can say these things about myself. Working as I do to always please people and gain approval, I have developed many skills and abilities. And so I wander the earth helping people, seeking out the odd ones so that I can reassure myself that I’m not the weirdest person alive today. They help balance me. Yeah, I’m a handful, for sure. Just ask my sister Helen. Or my mother. Of course they love me, who doesn’t? Everyone loves me! I’m a lovable person. Mostly I think because I love people. It’s true. I do love people. I get tired of them sometimes and want to run away to a distant part of the planet to start all over again sometimes, but I love people.

I’ve learned that you can’t always be right and even when you are right, it doesn’t matter anyway. Who cares? Everyone is seeing things through their own filters, through their own prisms or goggles. It so doesn’t matter who’s right. There is no Right! There’s only what is and how each of us interprets that. And we are creators, that’s the crazy part of this whole thing! How nuts is it to give us all these various perspectives, different goggles, then expect us to get along down here? We’re each creating stuff and it affects everyone else. What I create affects you and what you create affects me, maybe not immediately or obviously, but in the great matrix, we’re all affecting the fabric and flow of life on planet Earth. What I wonder is why? Why go through all this? And if I’m only here for a blip in the span of eternity, what difference does it make what I end up doing with my time here? We come back again, I’m pretty sure of that, so we get round after round to play, just like a video game, except I’m not sure if we ever run out of lives to play the game.

There’s teachers who come along and give us great insights into this game to help us along our journey. Journey: there’s another great word to describe living on planet Earth for a blip in eternity. Is it really a journey? Where the hell are we going? We’re not going anywhere. Let me tell you, it’s a day, it’s a moment, it’s a breath. That’s all! So we should hurry up and get on with living because this is happening at this moment, life is. If you have to sit your ass down and make a phone call, just do it already. If you want to complain, go ahead, but it doesn’t help anything at all, it just becomes a mantra that imprints in the universal grid and delivers more of what you’re complaining about directly to your door with more accuracy and timeliness than UPS! Go ahead and cower inside afraid to express yourself. It’s okay. You’re just going to develop a stupid ulcer or something and at what price? Because you don’t’ want to hurt anyone’s feelings or be perceived as a bad person? What’s bad is not expressing yourself. It’s the same as if you just decided one day you’re not going to poop any more. Wouldn’t that be awful. Ask someone who’s constipated how that feels.

What was God thinking when he made me? He wasn’t thinking at all. Whatever reason I’m here, doesn’t matter at all. I just wanted to say that maybe, just maybe, it’s much more simple than all that. Maybe you just live life as best you can till it’s over and you don’t have to do anything to purposefully change the world because it’s changed anyway just because you are here thinking and creating, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. To hope that someday all human beings will be consciously aware of their ability to create through thought and action, and that through this process we’ll be able to co-create heaven on earth is absurd. You have to create the heaven for yourself now and then everything that comes into that heaven you created will be altered by your Light, your presence and energy. You can create somewhat of a force field that is You and when other energies come into contact, they will either bounce off and spin away from you or they will like it and merge with it and become a little Lighter, too.

This is how life is. It is like a great game that we all play and the rules are very simple indeed. Love, Live, Allow and pace yourself. You have an unlimited number of lives. Take time. Relax. Be peaceful. Don’t worry about what God had in mind when He created you, if you believe in God at all. And no, it’s not a “sin” to not believe in God. There is an animating force that is present at an atomic level that causes matter and energy to create Life. This force is all that Is. And it is each of us. That’s what’s got you in its orbit, in its force field. And it’s pure and wonderful and trusting and kind, lovable and sweet, amazing and magical, predictable and dependable, surprising and uncanny. It is utterly responsive to your thought, intention and belief. The sooner we learn this the happier we’ll all be and we’ll stop this incessant need to know and understand. There’s nothing to understand or know. It’s about BEING alive, knowing how you and your thoughts, intentions and beliefs interact with this Force and adjusting thoughts, intentions and beliefs to suit your immediate desires. Life advances with each generation imagining what’s possible and building on what came before. You’re a stepping stone and a pioneer at the same time, serving multiple purposes for the sake of Creation. You don’t create one thing. You are creating everything simultaneously.



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